Jemma Reynolds is a Westside Mama to two little girls aged 7 and 6 and the creative mind behind the gorgeous website Little Bali Love, an online guide for all the best places to eat, play, shop and stay for families travelling to Bali.  If you are planning a family trip to the Island of Gods, you must visit Little Bali Love first!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Doing what I love and loving what I do! Embracing the juggle of working from home as well as being a mama/chauffeur/chef/cleaner/dog-walker etc.

Love my family, colour, interiors, the beach, fresh coconuts, travelling, reading, yoga and Champagne.

How did Little Bali Love come about?

We always loved travelling to Bali pre-kids, but when our first daughter India came along (now 7) we found we were seeking different things in our holiday. All of a sudden we needed villas with pool fences, restaurants with highchairs and kids menus, drivers with carseats, babysitters, places to buy nappies, etc. With time we developed a list of all our kid friendly finds on the island which we were always sharing with friends, and so with previous knowledge of starting a website Little Bali Love was born.  Now we get to enjoy frequent visits to our second home! It’s exciting that we have created a business out of something we simply love doing, and that it enables us to keep travelling together as a family, and for me to have the flexibility of working from home and having time to focus on my other important job – being a mama.

What were you doing before you created this lovely little business?

I had a previous online business (a kid-friendly cafe review website), and prior to that and pre-kiddies I was in the corporate world of marketing, comm’s, and advertising. Never again! No more black suits and heels for me!  In addition to Little Bali Love, I also do freelance social media, copywriting and marketing.

What are your tips for juggling the family and your own business?

Writing lists (Oh how I love a list!), saying no sometimes, keeping it real and making separate time for work and separate time for family – when you work from home the lines are always blurred, but it is so important to try and switch off from work mode from time to time… and to put the damn iphone down. Step away from the iphone! (I really need to listen to my own advice – ha!).

How often do you and the family get over to Bali?

We are back and forth every few months… it really is our second home. I also head over on my own sometimes for a quick business trip to do research and meet with advertisers.

What’s the hardest part about travelling with kids and how do you overcome it?

I have always tried to not look at it as being “hard” but as a blessing. However you definitely have to go with the flow more as things most likely won’t go to plan and your patience will definitely be tested… but the the memories and the experiences outweigh the “hard”. Just enjoy the ride!

My girls have been travelling to Bali since they were just a couple of months old, so it is a part of our lifestyle now, and they have become excellent little travellers.  We are about to head off to Europe for a month…. so perhaps ask me again after that 24 hour flight!

What essentials are in your carry on luggage?

First and most importantly the duty free booze – usually a bottle of gin for poolside GnT’s and a bottle of bubbles – my laptop, a good book, my diary, notebook and pens, a sarong or big scarf that can be used as a blanket or wrap, lip gloss, and a face spray/mist, and snacks for me (being a vegetarian and plane food don’t really mix!).

The kids have their own carry on bag and always have snacks, water, books, pencils, activity books and paper.

Favourite kid friendly spot in Bali?

KuDeTa on a Sunday… The girls just adore it and we can easily spend half the day there. We enjoy a nice brunch together, then the kids run around on the grass, twirl and dance to the funky DJ tunes, spend a good chunk of time at the amazing art and craft stations, make some new little friends, bounce on the jumping castle, get their face-painted and play some games. There’s a new pool there now too, so pack your bathers for some splish splashing fun!

And back on local soil, what is your favourite thing to do in the west
with the family?

Hanging out at our two local beaches (Altona and Williamstown) walking the dog, the kids going for a scoot, hot choccies in winter, summer swims and sandcastles, after dinner ice creams, or sunset fish and chips for tea.
If we can’t be at the beach in Bali then this is the next best thing!