Are you a family that likes to go over the top with your Christmas decorations, or perhaps you just opt for the tree and a lovely Christmas wreath hanging from your front door? Mama can never decide quite what to put on the door (last year it was a paper wreath my daughter made in prep which didn’t survive the fist rain!) but I’m absolutely loving this creative succulent wreath which would be super fun to get the kids involved in building. And as long as you water it, you can reuse it for any occasion with a few new props.


1. Scissors
2. Screwdriver
3. A selection of succulent cuttings
4. Thin wire or fishing wire
5. Wreath wire frame
6. Sphagnum moss
7. Seasonal ornaments


Select your plants. Make sure you take your succulent cuttings a day or two prior to building your wreath and remove the lower leaves so you have a steam of around 2cm-3cm long.


Soak your Sphagnum moss so that it expands in size and commence to fill your wreath wire frame with the sphagnum moss. This will mould to the frame and the shape of your wreath and make sure your generous.


Take a long peace of fishing wire and commence winding it securely so your moss is held in place tightly. You can commence creating small pockets and filling them with moist soil.


Lay you wreath flat and start to arrange you cutting in the arrangement you want on your wreath. Make sure you use plenty of succulent cuttings as you want your wreath to look dense.


Make small holes in the moss using a screwdriver and start inserting your succulents. Don’t worry if you can still see some of the moss as with time your succulents will grow in size and cover your frame. You can use craft or florist pins to keep your larger succulents in place until they grow roots.


Once completed leave you wreath flat and in the shade for the first week then gradually expose it to full sun. Once in full sun make sure you water your succulents every third day to help stimulate root formation and prevent them from drying out while still keeping your wreath flat. This process can take 4-6 weeks for the succulents to beginning rooting along the stems.

STEP 7. 

Once established you can hang your wreath and add any finishing touches such a bows, or small festive ornaments to your wreath. Make sure you water your wreath every 4 weeks by soaking it water.

Created by the clever team at Beyond Sunflowers

Note: You can always redress your succulent wreath for the season and special occasions such as Easter, Halloween and family birthdays.