Jack Roper Reserve is one of the most popular and most visited parks in the Broadmeadows area since it’s redevelopment in late 2016 and it regularly plays hosts to large groups of varying cultures.

Its new design was heavily driven by community feedback and is a great success. The large fort features great internal climbing, a huge red spiral slide and a drawbridge out the front whilst the large new wooden structure features a rock climbing wall, lots of elevated towers to spy from, integration of percussion and bells instruments that littlies can play, junior cubbies for hiding and an extensive range of climbing nets/pyramid and swings for all ages and abilities. A fantastic flying fox, basketball half court, birds nest swing and in-ground mini tramps top off the fun.

The climbing structures are a lovely natural wood and are combined with lots of earthy rocks, boulders and logs around the base, a lovely contrast to the bright red and blue of the slides and rooftops. There are also new and upgraded picnic amenities.

The huge lake, which was previously closed when it became contaminated following a fire at a Coolaroo recycling plant, is now bustling with bird life and there are some great paths around it to walk, job and enjoy.

Gates are open daily from 9am till sunset and there are excellent new toilet facilities and plenty of car parking.

217 Camp Road, Broadmeadows

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