This new playground is completely fabulous. The kids ran from the car when they saw it! One of the most striking features is a large wooden tower with a range of climbing features including a birds nest reached by hanging ladders, hanging climbing wall, cargo nets, and horizontal and vertical rope tunnels. There’s a range of swings, slide, water pump and resulting stream. To the side is a very musical sounding vibraphone and giant guiros. The splash park was turned off when we visited but will be amazing in summer. In a design master-stroke the water is powered by two seesaws so you can put the kids to work.

A large rotating netted frame offers another opportunity for cooperative play – small children in the safer base and daredevils up top while children (or parents) take turns to push. A large skate park was in use by children of all ages and adults on scooters, skateboards, and even rollerblades. There are two large shelters – one hosting tables and chairs and BBQs. Adult sized exercise equipment includes a stretch frame, air walker and cross trainer. For sports fans there’s also a half basketball court and good sized grassy space. The library, swim centre and shops are all within walking distance.

Amenities include: toilets, drinking fountain, tap and free BBQs.

Neil Street, Sunshine.

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