We chat to Anna Kimber, Northside mama to two boys, super stylish fashion and motherhood blogger at www.annamac.com.au and one half of gorgeous kid’s fashion brand Andie Kids which she started with her playgroup pal Steph who has two girls!

Anna, firstly tell us a bit about your little family who are no doubt your inspiration behind Andie Kids?

I have two boys (not counting my husband), 4 year old Stanley & 2 year old Otis. We are a household that love everything dinosaur, constantly roaring, running basically we are loud.

With my business partner, our children are the inspiration behind the designs for Andie Kids, Andie sets are fun, causal street wear. Using only the softest organic fabrics. Good quality simple pieces, that can be worn every day, letting kids get dirty, and allow kids just to be kids.

You have a background in fashion prior to launching your blog. Tell us a bit about your previous work jobs to becoming a mama and launching annamac.

Looking back I was always headed in this direction and can now consolidate all my previous experience to give the best to Anna Mac and Andie kids. Having owned my own beauty therapy salon, worked within retail management, Visual Merchandising and Digital Styling for a leading Australian label, before branching out and starting my own stylist business and now my clothing label Andie Kids. It’s been a rewarding journey at each stage and I am proud of all my achievements. However, not to forget the important practical wake-up call (literally) of having two young boys.

Where there many hurdles to overcome in the early days? How did you get started?

Our story started in early May ‘17 at our local playgroup. We were chatting about being stay at home mums and wanting a creative outlet that would push us outside of our comfort zones of motherhood (not that that’s comfortable by any means but you know what I mean). Long story short we both said our dream was in clothes design, and it was pretty much all guns blazing from there. We were both lucky enough to have the full support of our husbands (and still do, we hope ha ha!).

With Andie Kids, We are passionate about keeping this a Melbourne label, so for us we were surprised how challenging it was to find the material and people within Melbourne to work with and that is still reflective of the Andie Kids brand.

In saying that we are new and small and we were taken by surprise by how much work is needed to start up…  How hard it was working with young kids at home, losing a roll of fabric… we have hit a few!

With a gap in the market for cool UNISEX clothes, our aim was to add a little more life into the unisex market. Every piece is designed to be worn as a set or mixed, as every tee can be worn with every pair of shorts, so even hubby could be trusted to dress the kids and always get it right! (dad proof).

Every decision was made with our children in mind and we made sure that both girls and boys would be happy wearing the clothes. This collection is designed for kids with a love for adventure and the outdoors, an active kid that’s not afraid to get their hands dirty.

What’s your favourite local Northside spot for coffee and a snack with the kids?

So many good places to choose from, but these days it needs a kid friendly vibe as well as a kick ass almond cap. Currently loving – ‘Miss Maragret Cafe’ on Gilbert Road Preston, and when on the move for the day, I do a drive by coffee pick up…  I get a coffee from ‘Brickie and the Barista’ in Thornbury, I have been known to call up and have them bring the coffee to my car if Otis has fallen asleep in the back… seriously what every mum needs!

We are talking a lot about fashion and beauty this issue. Where are your go to’s for a new outfit and some pampering in the North?

I get my brows done by Micheal at ‘The Original House of Wax’ in Reservoir. He does the BEST job and he’s always entertaining! I am laughing the whole time.

What are your fashion must-haves for this coming Summer?

My must haves are definitely the Wilogreen leopard midi skirt, wear it with a pair of white sneakers and a cool tee and you can be comfy and look great for any occasion.

Any advice you can give to aspiring mums wanting to branch out and change careers, start up a business?

Anyone looking to start a business all I can say is you have to commit yourself, halfway just won’t do, and be prepared for the long journey as success may take longer than 5 minutes.

You can find Andie Kids at www.andiekids.com.au and on Instagram at @andie.kids and follow her (along with her other 12.7k stylish peeps) at @anna.mac

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