Braybrook’s much-loved Aeroplane Park, which tragically burnt to the ground in December 2015, has risen from the ashes just in time for summer. Retaining the theme of flight, the new playground provides a fantastic community focal point for the neighbourhood.

Key features of the new playground include a giant steel aeroplane covered in a fun red climbing web with a taller end for the big kids and a smaller end for our little ones. A tall ‘traffic control’ play structure features a great red spiral slide. There is a toddler area featuring plane rockers and wooden bridges with inbuilt chimes that you sound with your feet. Fun bouncy sea-saws feature at the tail of the plane, and the bigger kids will love the double flying fox.

The plane’s wings which house the swing sets, are inspired by classic aluminium planes like the DC-3, with just enough detail for kids to imagine that they may have flown once upon a time. The wings also feature a ‘registration number’ at each end with the postcode of Braybrook and the year.

Rubber matting, which looks like a runway keeps the kids safe and is another nod to the original flight theme first put in place to recognise the influence flight has had in Braybrook on immigration, employment and the local industry.

Churchill Ave, Braybrook

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