The awesome playground at the George Pentland Botanic Gardens is a hidden oasis in the middle of Frankston. This great new play space is the perfect compliment to the lush green grassy hills and gardens. If you’ve got some kids dying to burn some energy, it’s well worth a visit.

The main feature is the tree like structure, complete with branches, a cubby/hidey-hole underneath, a large twisted green slide and plenty of enclosed levels and cargo nets to climb between.

There are some fancy new play inclusions we’ve never come across like a large rope swinging thing, reminiscent of a human sized Newtons Cradle, which can occupy many kids at once. There is also a giant a cargo net/see-saw like contraption and of course the great all-ablilities spinning ground level platform we’ve seen popping up a bit which sure to send a few kids flying! There is a large sandpit for smaller kids who might struggle with some of the bigger equipment and there are also some cute springer rides for them as well. 

Kids will also enjoy exploring the gardens and the ornamental lake, but it’s not fenced so ensure you supervise children at all times. There are also picnic and barbecue facilities throughout the gardens

Gate opening/closing times:
7am – 9pm November to March
7am – 6pm April to October

Foot Street, Frankston

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