Now the kids are back at school it’s time for some “you time”

We’ve been waiting weeks for this day to come, when the kids are finally back at school and we can start to get life in order again. As much as we love our children it can get very full on, and at times very costly, having them on school holidays.

But now that they are taken care of, it’s time to regain focus and start taking care of ourselves. Self-care is so important and most of all for mums. If we are out of action lets face it the whole family suffers.

I have put together some quick and easy ways to start taking more care of ourselves so that we can keep going with the busy day to day lives that we all have.


Sometimes it can be hard to find the energy to get up and get moving, but this one can be done with or without the kids. Whether you’re doing a full-on workout, or if you are taking the kids for a walk around the block, it’s scientifically proven that if you get moving it helps to boost endorphins, making you happier. You could start your day with a quick 10-minute workout, or maybe finish the night with a wind down yoga session. This is a great way to focus on you. For me, I love putting on my gym gear and taking the kids out, hitting the beach or finding a nice walking track with some beautiful trees where the kids can explore and I can run around with them, so I’m working out without even knowing I am.

A massage:

Who doesn’t love a massage? When was the last time you booked yourself in? A massage is a great way to escape the busy happenings of life, lay down and switch off. Not only is a massage relaxing, but it also has many health benefits. A massage is great for anxiety and depression, to reduce muscle tension and improve your body’s overall health and movement. For me, being a massage therapist, I love giving massages as it helps me to focus on my breathing and I slow everything down. But I LOVE getting them as well because my body feels free, I have more movement in my muscles and I feel so relaxed.

A bath:

When was the last time you locked the kids out of the bathroom and ran yourself a bath? Well it’s your turn now. Light some candles, put some relaxing bath salts in, dim the lights and sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy the warmth on your body. Not only is a bath relaxing but it’s so great for your muscles as well.

Listen to music:

Blast some music and dance around the kitchen. While you’re cooking dinner or getting the kids ready for school, put some tunes on and dance! Get those endorphins happening and have fun whilst you’re at it. Music is so motivating and such a great way to uplift your mood. Music can also be used in the opposite way; slow down with a cuppa on the couch and some soft relaxing music playing whilst you calm the body and take some deep breaths.


To tone things down a little further, meditation is a great way to clear the mind. Switch off everything that is going on and focus on you. Meditation is proven to lower blood pressure and calm the body. It does this by focusing on your breathing. You can even jump online and find some really great meditation videos on You Tube or apps to follow. Find a quiet, comfy space in the house, close your eyes, relax your muscles and free your body and mind.


I was never a big reader myself growing up but over the years I have found myself picking up a good book and not being able to put it down. It’s something about the positivity in the words I’m reading, and the relaxed moment of sitting there reading, that I really enjoy. And you can too. Grab a great book, sit by the pool or in a calm relaxing space and enjoy the time with just you and that book. And when it’s Summer and you’re reading by the pool the Vitamin D is great as well!

Retail therapy:

Who doesn’t love shopping? It’s proven that buying something new makes us feel good. It might be a nice little pair of earrings or it might be a completely new outfit. But getting out of the house (with or without the kids) and flicking through the latest trends, takes our minds off of all the busy things happening and allows us to focus on ourselves for a few hours.

Coffee with friends:

Have you ever called up a friend and just had to get something off your chest? Well there’s a reason for that. When things get tough and life’s looking very stressful, talking to someone and getting things off your chest helps. It helps to refocus on what’s important, but also by you saying it out loud it gives you food for thought and you may not be so worked up or stressed about the situation after all. It’s like getting a weight off your shoulders when you let it out. And a cocktail or a coffee with a friend is just perfect for that.

Date night:

So, all the stunning goodies you picked up on your shopping day you can now put on and enjoy a beautiful date night with your partner (or a good friend). Get a babysitter and go out – just the two of you. Let’s face it, it doesn’t happen very often does it? But it’s super important to keep the connection between you and a loved one. You might be busy with work or maybe with the kids, but life swings on by and we often find that we have missed some important talks, or just some together time. It doesn’t have to be the fanciest restaurant in town, you can grab a towel and head to the beach or go to a local little place you love. And if you can’t find a sitter for the kids, don’t stress (we are de-stressing remember) head to the park with a picnic rug and some snacks and make it a date in the park whilst the kids play.

By Tegan Charles, Relax and Unwind Massage,