Autumn has begun to show its true colours and cooler temperatures are on the way here in Melbourne. Whether you’re escaping seasonal changes, chasing the sunshine, or fulfilling your 2019 travel wish list, planning a holiday can be stressful, especially if you are a parent of a toddler, baby or infant.

Travelling is an exciting and enriching time for your little ones as they learn and discover new places. When it comes down to it all, a holiday should be a fun-filled and nurturing experience for the entire family – including yourself.

If you’re like most parents out there, you may be second guessing whether you’ve packed all the travel essentials to keep your child happy and healthy on your family-vacay. Mother of three, Julia Christie, the award-winning innovator of the baby nail trimmer, the Nail Snail, shares her essential travel tips that help simplify the packing and give you peace of mind on your family holiday.


First aid kits come in various sizes and realistically, you should adapt items according to the type of your vacation. Keeping in mind, wherever you go, minor cuts, scrapes and sunburns can easily occur, so ensure to pack a good amount of Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment and high spectrum sunscreen. Sterile gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, a thermometer and perhaps some calamine lotion should also be part of a functional, travel first-aid kit. I always include an up-to-date first-aid guide as a reference – just in case. All these items can be packed into a wallet-sized pouch and fits easily into any size nappy bag.


Keeping baby calm and relaxed, especially during long-haul flights or road trips could prove an arduous task if he or she is without comforting travel friends. Make sure to pack a few of bub’s favourite stuffed animals or toys for company. Having a mix of travel sized toys can help soothe baby in moments while they are adapting to new places and changing environments. I prefer toys that are laundry friendly and easy to clean, pack and carry around.


The most important treasure to comfortably carry while on your holiday is your bub. Having a good quality sling or ergonomic backpack-carrier will alleviate stress and most importantly keep bub safe and your hands free. Whether, you are scurrying around airports, spending the day sightseeing or are simply out and about, these are a must-have item.

The second obvious item that you will be carrying is bub’s travel bag. A good sturdy backpack style bag, would ideally feature multiple pockets and compartments. I always look for wider straps to reduce the weight and pressure on my shoulders. Whatever bag you choose, ensure the zippers, clips  or buckles are of good quality and you can easily access items but also avoid losing anything along the way.


Holidays don’t always go as planned so it’s important to have sufficient food and drinks with you. I always bring extra snacks to last the entire travelling journey, such as baby formula, fresh or ready-to-use meals, dried fruit, rusks, crackers, water and juice boxes. Layovers, delays and unforeseen situations are always possible, so it’s good to be prepared, as shops and airport food outlets don’t always cater well for little ones.


Caring for baby’s hands, feet and skin is essential, especially while on holiday. While, most grooming and hygiene products can be found in convenience stores or chemists across Australia and internationally, I always pack the preferred products that I use at home in convenient travel sized containers. The safety, practicality, and peace of mind are always worth bringing these. My essentials include baby wipes, hand sanitiser, baby soap and cream, shampoo and of course the Nail Snail baby nail trimmer. The one I use is not a clipper or scissors, but rather a trimmer that is both safe for babies and airport friendly, meaning it won’t get taken off me at security. Keeping little finger and toenails filed and trimmed is a good way to keep bub’s hands and feet clean and healthy throughout the trip.

While, there is no such thing as the perfect holiday and things don’t always go as planned, being well-prepared is the best way to guarantee a positive experience for the whole family. Happy travels, JuliaB

Julia is the designer of innovative Nail Snail- baby nail trimmer. She invented it after the terrible experience of injuring her newborn boy after using baby nail clippers. She has spent the last 5 years, raising 3 children, and building her company Christie & Christie to award-winning success.