I saw a sponsored Facebook post the other day for Tampax tampons. Of course, my first thought was “who on earth uses those anymore?”, and my second thought was “who are all these people commenting on the post?”. So I thought I’d indulge myself and see what people were saying about these old-school sanitary products and boy, I wasn’t disappointed! The ladies were ‘not-happy-Jan’. You see, it turns out that the ghastly old cardboard insertion tube (my finger always worked just fine thanks) has been replaced with a plastic one. Plastic! Um, hello, it’s 2019, we don’t do plastic. Just like we don’t do chemicals, synthetics, bleached cotton or put any other nasties near our hoo-hah. How on earth did they think they could get away with that? We don’t even put our groceries in plastic anymore.

It’s refreshing to see a new wave of sanitary options coming onto the market in recent years. There are more and more organic options for pads and tampons and there is, of course, the new buzz-word product, the menstrual cup. However, I’m just not convinced everyone has the courage to pop a purple silicone bowl up there and get around in a pair of white pants like promised. Lucky for us there is a third player in the market, and they go above and beyond just sorting our periods. Introducing ‘Period Undies’. I’m sure you’ve seen these popping up in your social feeds. There are lots of international players coming on the market, but mama loves local, so you NEED to know about Modibodi.

I first heard about Kristy Chong’s clever brand Modibodi back in 2015 when she won the Product Innovation Award at the 2015 Ausmumpreneur Awards where I was a finalist with MamaMag. I was instantly intrigued. You just wear undies when you have your period? What kind of magical undies are these? Kirsty started Modibodi after the birth of her second child, frustrated with bladder leaks, wanting to make a difference to the world, she started on her entrepreneurial journey. If you’ve worked in marketing you’ve no doubt heard of the four P’s. Product, Price, Promotion and Place. She’s nailed all of these, but she’s also got her own, and they are integral to her amazing product; Pee, Perspiration, Periods and Pregnancy! These babies have seriously got you covered for every little thang’ going on down there!

Sure, it took me a while to take the full period plunge. My first two pairs I got because I like to run. By the end of my run I was never sure if I’d just sweated like a madman down there or actually just pee’d myself (the first two P’s and most likely it was both!)! My next step was at the end of my period. You know the bit where you don’t want to wreck your knickers, but you’ve run out of panty liners and you just can’t be arsed with a tampon? Modibodi have you covered! But in the last year I’ve actually gone in whole-hog. I’ve ditched the tampons! People ask if you have to change your knickers during the day, but the honest truth is ‘No’. They don’t let out any smell and if you’re really heavy you can always give it a little wipe with some loo paper, pull them up and carry on your merry way. The thought of actually shoving a lump of cotton ‘up there’ now actually grosses me out! Your body wants that stuff out, not plugged up half way in there for half a day (or longer if you’ve had too many wines and forget!). I’m completely sold these days and have a set of 5 trusty Modibodi on the go now.

The great news is, they’re not just for adults. With my son about to turn 11, the talk around the school playground with the other mums has turned to concern about our kids hitting puberty. #imnotready Kirsty’s latest product, RED by Modibodi, is going to be a game changer there (well not for my son, but I my daughter is only 2 years behind!). I have vivid memories of my best friend in Year 7 getting her period the day of the gymnastics finals and having not yet graduated to tampons she had to send her mum off on a quest for the ‘slimmest pad ever’ to fit in her leotard. Ironically this girl is now a mum at my school with a daughter in grade 6, so I dare say this memory is very close on her mind right now too! Period undies for teens, brilliant! If every pre-teen had a pair of RED stashed in the front pocket of their school bag, and the unimaginable happened when mum wasn’t there to help, they would be sorted. Quick change of knickers in the loo and you’re off. No leakage, no stress. The range has both bikini and boyleg in some fun patterns and you can even get swimwear.

So my advice for you. Have a crack! (pardon the pun!) Try a pair for yourself. If I’ve learnt one thing from trying these, in the words of Pantene, “It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.” I started slowly, but I’m totally sold! They also use really awesome ‘real’ woman in their marketing, so what’s not to love!

If you’re not truly convinced about these magical undies, you can check out how they work here: https://www.modibodi.com/how-it-works/