Celebrating its 50th birthday this year, LEGO® DUPLO is so much more than just a toy!

DUPLO was launched in 1969, 11 years after traditional interlocking LEGO bricks and the same year the first person set foot on the moon! You can decide which was the bigger moment for mankind, although could Apollo 11 be dismantled and rebuilt into a racing car?!

DUPLO products are carefully designed for fun, in the heart and hands of every small child, and are used to inspire and help toddlers unlock their full potential through creative, playful experiences.

A 50th birthday means ‘party time’ and lucky Melbourne kids are getting ALL the fun! The new DUPLO Farm Adventure at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre has recently launched and it’s super-fun! This new soft play zone for toddlers and pre-schoolers has been designed specifically to inspire interactive social play, support development and encourage kids to have fun! 

Behind the giant barn doors, children can explore a multi-level farmhouse where they can build with thousands of DUPLO pieces and climb, crawl, slide and swing. And no farm would be complete without animals! DUPLO Farm Adventure will surprise and delight the smallest of farmers with life-size DUPLO animals. Kids will love climbing on the cow, calf, goat, pig, chicken and hare, which even come to life with animal noises. 

The urge to play is nature’s way of helping us make sense of the world. Through play we come to know what it means to belong, to be loved, and feel happiness. 

From birth to the age of four, children undergo intense neurological transformation. The most rapid period of learning and development a human being will ever experience takes place in those four years, and by the end, a ‘blueprint’ has been drawn for the adults they will become. That’s why all LEGO DUPLO products are carefully designed to inspire and help toddlers unlock their full potential through creative, playful experiences that will further shape their future.

Did you know the name DUPLO derives from the Latin word
‘duplex’ meaning double?

To take kids’ DUPLO experience to the next level, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre also runs DUPLO Kids Club on weekdays. The interactive workshops take place inside the DUPLO Farm Adventure zone and are hosted by experienced team members who teach young children about numbers, letters, colours and animals through games, building challenges and storytelling.  

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre also has 15 different LEGO experiences with LEGO themed rides, a 4D Cinema, a Melbourne miniland and thousands of bricks to build with. It is ideal for families with children aged 2-10 years who enjoy the fun and creativity of LEGO.

And if you’re looking for a special way to celebrate your child’s birthday, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is a venue like no other offering a range of birthday packages complete with private party rooms.

Six reasons LEGO DUPLO is perfect for kids aged 2-5:

1. Learning as child’s play. LEGO DUPLO may benefit your child’s motor, language, cognitive, social, and emotional development. Every time children build, they’re potentially developing coordination, communication and confidence through constructive play – and that’s just the beginning! Exploratory play through LEGO DUPLO may cultivate imagination, creativity and problem-solving skills. And with so much possibility, children become part of the action they’ve constructed, exploring emotion and adventure through pretend play. 

2. Safe play is the best play. Since 1958, LEGO bricks have been providing generations of young innovators with high-quality play products that parents can depend on. The LEGO Group knows even the smallest hands love building big dreams, so LEGO DUPLO bricks are designed to be twice the size of standard LEGO bricks for safe and accessible fun. 

3. Creativity is constructed. Young minds require tools that can keep up with active imaginations, and so LEGO DUPLO blocks can be easily transformed from beautiful butterflies and exotic zoo animals to wheeled wonders and whatever else the wildest imaginations come up with. If they can dream it, they can build it! 

4. Fun comes in infinite forms. Whether a child is constructing a masterpiece through solo play or collaborating on a brilliant build with family and friends, the fun never ends! With LEGO DUPLO, each new build produces a fresh and fun play experience for builders of all ages.

5. LEGO DUPLO lasts. In fact, it lasts so long that you can pass it down from older sibling to younger sibling and even from parent to child – without worrying about the bricks breaking or wearing out. 

6. Sharing and caring. With plenty of pieces for friends and so many ways to share in the fun, LEGO DUPLO can bolster social development through the process of creative collaboration and team construction. With friendships built one brick at a time, more hands mean more fun!

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is a great choice for those looking to create and share new experiences with family and friends. Find out more at LEGOLANDDiscoveryCentre.com.au