We know a playground is going to be great when our friends at Mamma Knows helped design it! Part of Peet’s newish Aston Estate in Cragieburn, Observation Park features excellent play equipment that will create squeals of delight even before the kids get out of the car! Climb up the big and little observation towers (the park’s namesake), slide down the big twisty slide or the more junior straight slide, scramble across the fun rope bridge connecting the observation decks, bounce high on the inground mini trampolines and swing to your hearts content. There is also a gorgeous tubular xylophone thing that kids can make their own music on, as well as a fun spinning disc, tightrope and many tunnels to climb through.

Observation Park, Craigieburn

But the real highlight of this park is the traffic section. If you have little ones learning to ride bike or scooters, or more experienced kids that still need to learn a few road rulers, this bike path is simply awesome. Dotted with different traffic signs, the track features straight roads, curved roads, cross roads and even fun humped roads! There is a roundabout to navigate and even a train crossing!

There is plenty of tables under a shady shelter to lunch on and lots of on street parking, but please note there are currently no toilets.

69 Elevation Boulevard, Aston Craigieburn

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