What mama doesn’t get a little excited when a new playground pops up? While the kids love it, visiting the same parks every week can get pretty dull, can’t it? This shiny new one in Bellfield will pleasantly surprise you, with its uniquely designed wooden structures that look somewhat like whimsical treehouses. Climb up to the tall turrets via steps, ladders or webs. Slide back down again through the tunnel slide or lower double slide. Another separate structure challenges kids to cross it using all kinds of rope configurations. 

The fun doesn’t stop there. Dotted around the park are metal musical instruments for the kids to bang on with sticks, conducting their own noisy symphony. Purpose-laid logs, giant rocks, and tree stumps weave around the park, creating an exciting balancing feat for little explorers of all ages. They’ll love getting dizzy on the giant red non-slip spinning wheel before rushing off for a face-to-face swing with you on the expression swing. 

Plenty of sheltered picnic tables and seating, BBQs, drinking fountains, public toilets, and paved pram access. Bring the bikes and scooters to cruise around the mini track that includes thrilling speed bumps, dips, and ramps. All surrounded by a huge green space for ball games as well. 

247A Banksia Street, Bellfield (Ivanhoe)

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