Why choose an agency specialising in child talents?

With some kids, from the day they can walk, you can just tell that they were born to be in front of the camera. For those with talented kids who love the limelight and were born to entertain, signing up to a talent agency can be a great idea to get them in the limelight. But finding the right agency to align with can be an extremely difficult decision.

To make things easier Adam Jacobs, shares his top five reasons on why parents should consider a child talent agency…

1. An overall better experience for your child

The show biz industry can be quite stressful, so agencies that represent all ages can tend to take a much more serious approach. This can be quite intimidating for children, especially when they’re in an environment that is predominantly adults. The fun can also be culled from the overall experience and you might find that staff are a little less experienced with children. Look for an agency that goes out of their way to create a fun and vibrant space. It’s so important to us that our kids feel inspired and empowered when they step through the door, not intimidated.

2. Broaden your horizons

Industry professionals and casting directors generally go straight to a talent agency with their briefs, for a much quicker and more proficient process. Signing with an agency opens the doors to a world of opportunities.

3. Improve skills

Auditions and casting calls can be an intimidating process. Look for in-house workshops to improve skills before you get thrown into the deep end. Parents have peace of mind knowing that their child is attending a workshop in a familiar environment, rather than searching for outside sources that you may be unsure about.

4. Portfolios become a simple process

Portfolios are essential in this industry. Casting directors expect to see professional headshots upon request. What differentiates Bubblegum Casting from many agencies is that folio shots are done in-house and are included in the welcome package, rather than just recommending a local photographer – like a lot of other agencies do.

5. Make friends while making magic!

A child focused talent agency gives the opportunity for both parents and children to spend time with other like-minded souls and share their experiences so far within the industry. When parents and kids chat with each other, it can be a helpful process to offer each other support and prepare better for auditions.

Choosing the right talent agency can either make or break your dreams of becoming a star, so it is essential to ensure that you opt for one that has your best interests at heart – with a fun and relaxed environment.

By Adam Jacobs, Founder, Bubblegum Casting.  www.bubblegumcasting.com.au