In Australia, we make our own rules – and that goes for traditional holidays as well! While some of us still love the traditional Christmas themes and colours – these days – anything goes!

Although we cringe at the outrageously early arrival of Christmas at the shops, it’s worth starting to think about what your Christmas might look like this year. 

Getting organised early allows you time to add some additional detail with some fun DIY projects. Not only does a bit of DIY add some budget-friendly finesse, it’s also a great opportunity to wrap the family, (particularly the kids) in the effort and the Christmas Spirit. 

At Hirestyle we love all events… but have an extra soft spot for events where families gather, and special memories are made! Our team brainstormed our favourite on-trend 2019 Christmas and have shared three that you can easily adapt to your home decorating, whilst not breaking the bank, and having a whole lotta festive DIY family fun!

Going Natural

With the gorgeous clean white spaces and natural materials of so many homes, a traditional Christmas isn’t necessarily complimentary. Bringing together natural elements and either taking it rustic or ‘Scandi’ can work really well and be just as ‘Christmasy’.

Grabbing a packet of clear baubles is a really fun and easy base to use to bring the kids in to help. This theme allows for some very simple and yet ‘on theme’ decorations by the kids and works perfectly stretched over two days. A good nature hunt in the park to gather small sticks, leaves, moss, even pretty pebbles, will provide the perfect working materials. 

The next day, with working materials laid out, everyone can get to work filling the baubles. Some may be as simple as some flexible curved vine inside, others may be stuffed full of moss. Whether jammed full or highlighting just one hero piece, as a group they will work perfectly together. If it is all feeling a little too rustic just add a flourish such as some tartan or red bows to the top.

A Coastal Christmas

We are never going to have a white Christmas in Australia, so let’s embrace a new look. Why not take Christmas coastal? I am sure, like my kids, there isn’t a child that doesn’t love beach-combing. So why not give them an additional reason to fill their buckets by repurposing their finds into sparkly Christmas decorations…

Shells can be dipped in glue and glitter with some sparkly wire wrapped around to hang them over your tree. Driftwood can be tied together as a start and left natural or again dip just the ends in. The trick is doing the decorations in a consistent colour and in enough volume to suit the size tree you are working with – don’t be apologetic… the quality of workmanship won’t matter when you have plenty.

To really change it up, grab an old longboard, stand it on its end, pop a star on top and wrap it in Christmas lights. You now have the perfect canvas to decorate your ‘surf tree’ Go to town decorating with any of your old decorations or just get a pile of colour paper and have the kids cut out stars and shapes of various sizes. The new framework will give your old decorations a whole new look and the kids will have a ball working on such a novelty.

Pretty in Pink

Think pink when planning Christmas decorations that are fresh, pretty and easy to pull together. Although pink seems to be a perennial fave you could choose any colour and team that with whites or metallics or just make it a ‘splash’ to contrast within a traditional palette.

There is something a little magic about teaming pink with whites and metallics. If your tree is green, or a live tree, then grab yourself some bags of artificial snow and a glue spray. Spray downward to the top of the branches and then let the snow fall (and stick) down – this way it looks a little more authentic. Make sure you do this outside and place something underneath so you can gather up everything that didn’t stick and reuse it for a second or third layer- you can build it up as suits.

To create the easiest colour-led Christmas, it’s time to get out the spray paint! Don’t throw out the colour decorations or baubles you no longer want… blast them with your new colour for 2019! Yes, that includes all those scratched ones that are looking less than joyful. Get a can of spray paint and start spraying. Some may need a few coats. Did you know that you can actually get spray paint to match almost any colour and custom mixed if you have your heart set on a certain shade – just ask around your local paint shops for the nearest supplier. And check out your local craft shop for all the trimming usually used by scrap-bookers – they could also work well as a finishing touch on your baubles.

And just a tip for all those baubles that have lost their tops and remain in the bottom of the box year after year. Get out some glass vases and pile them up inside. Such a simple but stylishly Christmas effect.

By the team at Hirestyle. Hirestyle are specialists in the hire of decorative elements, props and party hire. Come and create a fun and beautiful theme to make your next event stand out.