Summer drawing fun

Summer holidays in Melbourne means it’s time to enjoy the outdoors. But it doesn’t have to mean that bats and balls are in and crayons and other drawing tools are out! There are many ways to make drawing part of your family’s summer fun – and lots of good reasons to do it too! Drawing is the perfect “all-in” activity for your whole tribe – from toddlers right up to school-aged children and even parents too! Not only is it a fun, interactive and creative thing to do together, drawing helps children develop skills for writing and reading – as drawing is a visual and motor skill.  Here are four simple drawing ideas to inspire you this summer: 1. Take it outside! Chalk is a fantastic medium that lends itself to lots of outdoor applications – let the driveway, the footpath and the walls of your home or garden be the blackboard!  Does your child love cars, trucks or trains? Draw roads or tracks together on your driveway or footpath. Make zooming noises as you go. Add signposts, trees, lakes, pedestrians and buildings. And when the drawing is done, your child can take their toys for a test drive! Is … Continue reading Summer drawing fun