Fly west for Scienceworks’ new Air Playground and a jam-packed summer program of breezy science fun!

Did you know that air is a fluid? Or that the oxygen you are breathing formed before our solar system did? When you gasped at that last fun fact you inhaled some of the 11,000 litres of air the average human breathes in per day! Fly out west to Scienceworks this summer for unmissable family fun exploring the beautiful, complex and often surprising science of air.

Summer at Scienceworks officially blows in on Saturday 14 December with the launch of Air Playground, a new explorative exhibition celebrating the science of air. Developed by a team of Scienceworks experts, Air Playground is a 600 square metre interactive playground where curious minds can connect, learn and experiment with our most precious resource.

The Scienceworks gallery space will transform into six breezy worlds all probing the squishy, powerful and elusive properties of air. Visitors can interact and connect in an experiential, intuitive and fun way that showcases how air is intricate, beautiful and often surprising.

Play with the complex physics of compression and airflow in Whoosh, learn how to make objects levitate with the Bernoulli effect and become a master of aerodynamics designing paper planes to launch off in Paper Flight.

‘Air is often taken for granted. It’s all around us and invisible. Air Playground lets families learn through play and in doing so they discover that, far from being ordinary, the movement of air is complex and surprisingly beautiful’.

Jonathan Shearer, Scienceworks General Manager

Parents seeking fun ways to fill the endless school holidays can breathe a sigh of relief as Scienceworks will also host a program of play-based learning activities throughout summer to complement the new exhibition. Included in the Air Playground experience is Inflatable Adventures, a giant inflatable playground in the ‘air-ena’ where visitors can bounce, leap, squeeze and climb their way across a cloud of fun! There will also be daily interactive ‘air-mphitheatre’ shows, giant bubble activations to blow you away and more!

Air Playground

Launches Saturday 14 December
Scienceworks, 2 Booker St, Spotswood
10.00am–4.30pm daily
Tickets: from $7 (members)–$9 + museum entry

Summer Holiday Program

Scienceworks celebrates the air around us this summer with the arrival of our new Air Playground exhibition. Be blown away by a free 20-minute show exploring the science of air then head to our ‘air-ena’ for bouncing, bubbles and all kinds of air-filled fun.
Thursday 26 December–Tuesday 28 January 2020
10.00am–4.30pm daily
Tickets: Included with museum entry $0–$15

Bubble Mania

Don’t miss the mania of spectacular gigantic bubble creations blown across the ‘air-ena’. How many can you pop?
Scienceworks ‘Air-ena’
Thursday 26 December–Tuesday 28 January 2020
Tickets: Included with museum entry $0–$15

Little Kids Week In – Air Play

Once the big kids are back at school, enjoy a week of fun and play-based learning activities.
Monday 3–Friday 7 February
Tickets included with museum entry $0–$15

Blown Away

Be blown away by some epic air experiments in a 20-minute live show.
Scienceworks ‘Air-mpitheatre’
Thursday 26 December–Tuesday 28 January 2020
Tickets: Included with museum entry $0–$15

Inflatable Adventure

Bounce, push, squeeze and play with air on the giant inflatable sculpture this summer in the Scienceworks ‘Air-ena’.
Saturday 14 December and Thursday 26 December–Tuesday 28 January
Tickets: Included with Air Playground entry