This clever trick is a great way to keep your ice cream smooth and creamy instead of watery and crunchy.

How you ask?

All you need to do is store your ice cream upside down in the freezer.

According to science, freezer burn is caused by water in the ice cream that evaporates and then re-freezes on the surface of the ice cream.

So by storing it upside down, gravity will bring your partially melted ice cream towards the lid leaving less chance for it to freezer burn.

Facebook user, Dianne Johnson, shared the clever tip to the group Aldi Mums.

“I turn my ice cream upside down to avoid freezer burn or cover (the) ice cream top with cling wrap,” Ms Johnson said.

Other tips include ensuring your ice cream is stored at the back of the freezer to limit temperature changes.

And also placing a piece of baking paper or cling wrap on top preventing moisture from evaporating.

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