If you are preparing for a baby and setting up your nursery with a range of great products then you can’t go past Ikea for these items as CHOICE have discovered in their recent tests of some of Ikea’s best and worst products.

Good buys

Ikea mattresses

CHOICE home expert Peter Zaluzny says Ikea offer a solid range of mattresses, which come with additional advantages over other brands.

“Ikea’s free trial period of a year is three times longer than Koala’s or Sleeping Duck’s, plus their warranty lasts a whopping 25 years and it’s easy to try each mattress in store before entering the free trial period,” say Peter. “Plus, they have quite a few models to choose from.”

Ikea cot mattresses

CHOICE test cot mattresses for safety, which includes firmness and accuracy of dimensions. Of the 39 cot mattresses reviewed, they recommend over half. They tested four Ikea cot mattresses in the CHOICE labs and they rated from very good to excellent. See the full cot mattress reviews here.

Ikea Antilop highchair

CHOICE reviewed the iconic highchair and although it didn’t score as highly as others in their tests, at $24.99. It’s cheap, lightweight and easy to clean.

A CHOICE member said: “The Ikea high chair is simplicity and function rolled into one affordable piece of baby equipment. Everyone I know who has purchased a cheap Ikea highchair as a ‘back-up’ at granny’s, or for a holiday house, have soon discarded their fussy, expensive chair in favour of this one.”

Ikea cots

If you’re considering an Ikea cot, it’s important you take a look at the full list of CHOICE reviews as the range varies notably in terms of quality, ease of use and safety.

Six cots were tested with mixed results – CHOICE did recommend two models while others have minor failures or ease of assembly issues.

The one to avoid is the Ikea Stuva cot ($409) which CHOICE claim is extremely hard to assemble and had a minor fail for safety.

One to definitely avoid

The Sundvik change table is one cheap nursery buy that’s best avoided says CHOICE.

The Sundvik table failed all their in-house stability tests.

In May 2019, Ikea issued a product recall after three reports of incidents where the foldable top part came loose and children fell. The recall warned all users to secure the safety locking fittings to avoid the hinge coming loose or breaking.

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