If you’re running out of ideas to keep the kids – or at this point yourself – a-moosed at home, and you’ve already completed puzzles, baked banana bread and learnt a language, fear not, IKEA have come to the rescue, releasing a FREE product that you can make at home without even visiting an IKEA store.

Meet Älg, a wall mountable Moose (yes a moose!) made from cardboard, as part of their ‘Mindsets’ collection.

Swedish for MOOSE, Älg will help you be your own IKEA designer under your own roof and assemble the free design in 15 minutes.

The idea behind the latest IKEA release is to ensure that more Australians have access to tools that can enhance mindfulness and moments of privacy in the home.

Who is Älg the moose and how can I make him at home?

He is a 3D wall mountable Swedish Moose that can be made entirely from IKEA cardboard boxes

The idea for the collection came from findings within the IKEA Life at Home Report that identified an erosion of privacy in our homes and its subsequent impact on our mental health and well-being.

The release of the recycled DIY Swedish Moose, that can be constructed by anyone, anywhere, is to ensure that more Australians have access to tools that can enhance mindfulness and moments of privacy in the home.

“Our homes have become our everything. Carving out “me time” or finding those precious private moments to take a breath, switch off and do what you want is a daily challenge that we all face.

Christine Gough, Interior Designer

“The customer reaction we received to the release of the initial collection showed us that we needed to do more. Mindfulness and moments of privacy are something we are all craving and need, especially during times of uncertainty. So, in producing a 6th mindset made entirely from cardboard, we’re hoping that many more Australians will find at least 15 minutes in their day to turn-down the noise and create something that make them smile.”

IKEA Life at Home Report and the Erosion of Privacy in Our Homes:

• 87% of Australians believe it is their right to have privacy in their own home.
• 76% in Australia agree that privacy is important to our wellbeing.
• 46% of people in Australia feel anxiety when they don’t achieve privacy.
• 27% of Australians prior to COVID-19 reported they were concerned about not getting enough privacy at home.
• 62% of parents of young children name ‘need to take care of others’ as a barrier to privacy
• 20% of Australians claim that ‘people at home don’t respect my need for privacy’
• 15% don’t feel we have a right to ask for privacy at home

Head to www.Ikea.com.au/mindsets for more information.

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