Should you use hot or cold water when washing your laundry? Find out what the experts say.

Choice expert, Ashleigh Iredale, said that thanks to advancements in washing machine technology, and laundry detergents the difference between a hot and cold wash is actually very minimal.

“You do get a slight performance improvement washing in warm water, but we’ve found it’s not worth the extra energy cost. If you have solar hot water or electricity then washing in hot water is free, but it might not be great for all your clothes,” he told ABC news.

The biggest difference is the type of detergent you choose to use with your washing, as different brands in the market target different things.

“We suggest you use a good quality detergent that you know will work, [and] it’s often not the most expensive detergent,” Mr Iredale said.

“We’ve found some of the cheaper ones work just as well as the ones with a premium price tag.

“Look for powdered detergents as they generally perform better and give you better value than liquid detergents as they are often made up of water.”

Choice expert, Ashleigh Iredale

Do you prefer to use hot or cold water for laundry?

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