This clever trick will help your preschooler feel close to you if they are struggling with separation anxiety.

Helping Little Minds share this cute idea on Facebook after spotting it on another site.

“Our youngest has always had a hard time saying ‘goodbye at the preschool/school gates’ she’s very clingy in general. With the restrictions going back to school on toys & her comfort scarf (mine doused in 1 of her favourite perfume bottles of mine) I had to think quick.

I chose to sew on two little kisses that get fully charged with more before drop off, so that when ever she feels worried/sad that she is missing me she can kiss her sleeve & feel happy again.

“It may last only temporary but for now it seems to be working, smiles all round on day 1!”

Lots of mums have commented on the post saying what a great idea it is and even said they should do them on their own jumper as they miss their littles ones so much during the day.

Or you can draw a heart

There is also another idea of drawing a heart on your littles ones hand so they can touch it during the day when feeling anxious or missing mummy.

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