CHOICE reveals the products that impressed, during their product testing of Big W appliances.

The department store’s Contempo range of kitchen appliances stands out for value. But does it stand up to the competition for quality? CHOICE has the answer.

Over the past year, CHOICE experts have tested some of Big W’s Contempo products revealing which items tick the right boxes.

Very good buys

Hand mixer
If you’re looking for some bang for your buck, the Contempo hand mixer costs just $15, but scores a perfect 100% in our performance, beater and whisking tests.

Slow cooker
Slow cookers are ideal for the budget savvy, as they can turn cheap cuts of meat into delectable dinners. At $24, Big W’s Contempo 5.5L slow cooker won’t break the budget, plus it ticks many of the same boxes as the more expensive slow cookers.

Good buys

Steam iron
The Contempo steam iron is good at ironing organza, denim, linen and wool, and very good at silk. It’s also lightweight, easy to use and, at just $19, it’s one of the cheapest steam irons reviewed.

At $79, Big W’s Contempo 5-in-1 pressure cooker was one of the cheapest multicookers reviewed, yet it scored higher overall than some of the pricier models from certain big name brands.

Some of the microwaves in the test cost more than $2000, so if you’re on a budget you wouldn’t be blamed you for considering Big W’s Contempo microwave for its $99 price tag alone.

Find the full results of products tested HERE

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