You don’t see the words ‘healthy’ and ‘pancakes’ together in one sentence that often. Not until now!

PomPom Paddock have just created a new Gluten Free Pancake (+ Waffle) Mix product to their range. It’s in a bottle, so no mess, and with minimal ingredients to add, it is ready to shake up and pour.

It’s egg free, refined sugar free, preservative free and tasty. Oh and did we mention it has a little hidden veg that’s masked with natural vanilla flavour? Yep, they’re thinking ahead! Pancakes with nutrients like calcium, iron, magnesium and wholesome goodness are all that you get with PomPom.

5 healthy toppings for your deliciously nutritious waffles or pancakes!

Creamy coconut yoghurt, topped with a sprinkle of shredded coconut and dust of cinnamon

Forget the whipped cream, go for a plant based alternative like a delicious coconut yoghurt. Dollop it on top or in between your stacks and then make it snow with shredded coconut for a little bite and cinnamon for spice.

Maple syrup

If you like them plain and simple, go for gold with this natural sweetness. Sometimes the simple things are the best.

Berry delight

Who doesn’t love berries on top of anything!? We love our pancakes topped with halved strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. You can even throw them into the pancake mix and let those berries cook through with a natural juicy jam bite affect. Yum! Adds gorgeous colour to your pancakes too.

Banana, Honey & Walnuts

If you are a banana fan then this one is for you. We love to layer our pancake stack with thinly sliced banana and then top with a little drizzle of honey and toasted walnuts. Heaven!

Egg, spinach & tomato chutney

If you prefer a savoury twist, top with poached eggs and baby spinach with a little chutney on the side. The Pancakes can take the place of your toast! Serve up nice and warm and soak up any left-over egg yolk with those pancakes!