Join Santa for a live and magical chat, making the perfect Christmas experience.

The countdown to Christmas is officially on and this year Santa is going digital.  With social distancing restrictions making shopping centre visits unlikely, Santa has done the ultimate Covid Pivot. Santa has had a crash course in technology and is ready to “Zoom”.

With some clever pivoting, technology and creative nous, Fruitbowl Productions is bringing the magic of Christmas to the safety of Australian homes. 

Fruitbowl’s Santa is the most sought-after Santa in Melbourne, with years over 22 years’ experience. Santa’s live chats run for 8 minutes and includes up to 6 children from one location. 

Book your virtual chat with Santa and ensure your kids have a memory to last a lifetime.” 

SANTA’S CHRISTMAS SURPRISE is open now for bookings. For more information, visit

4 reasons to book a virtual chat with Santa:

 • Santa’s virtual chats are more personal and interactive than you’d get in a shopping centre

• It’s the most Covid-safe option (no crowds or waiting in line)

 • Santa’s virtual chats are fun, personalised and full of surprises

 • Best way to ensure your kids are on Santa’s “Nice list”…and let him know what they want for Christmas, of course.

So, don’t wait, book now and get reads for Santa’s Christmas Surprise. Your kids will remember this one for EVER!