We have discovered a wide assortment of gift ideas to suit all ages including your difficult teenage son or daughter.

Stuck for what to get the kids this year? Looking for the perfect Christmas gift idea for that tricky teen? We’ve put together the best gift ideas to suit every age and every budget.

Read on for our list of awesome gifts for all ages starting from just $12.95.

Under 5

Little Love Music Set, $89.95

Love Note Co. provide sustainably sourced music sets and instruments with a unique earthy feel which provide educational play and promote the use of gross and fine motor skills. Perfect for little hands.

Get ready ready for countless hours of singing and dancing, assisting with sensory development and improved listening skills via sound experimentation. This is the perfect addition to your nursery or playroom.

Little Love Music Set $89.95
They also stock individual instruments ranging from $14.95 – $29.95 each


LEGO DUPLO Alphabet Truck, $39.99

With the LEGO DUPLO Alphabet Truck, preschoolers can combine creative building, imaginative play and learning the alphabet. It’s the ultimate playful learning toy for toddlers!

The 26 letter bricks provide lots of opportunities to become familiar with the letters of the alphabet and improve language skills. And as parents and carers join in the fun, they share precious developmental milestones with their little builder.

LEGO DUPLO playsets put open-ended play, self-expression and learning into toddlers’ hands. They’re designed to be the best toys for preschoolers’ needs – so little hands can’t wait to get hold of the toddler-friendly bricks and start building!

Age Group: 1½ – 5 years
Available at all major retailers, specialty toy stores and online at www.LEGO.com

LEGO DUPLO Truck & Tracked Excavator, $29.99

LEGO DUPLO Truck & Tracked Excavator encourages little builders to explore endless open-ended play. As they act out imaginative construction-site scenes with the toy truck, digger and 2 construction workers, toddlers develop valuable physical and cognitive skills that last a lifetime.

With 2 construction-worker figures, a truck with a tip function and an excavator with a rotating digger, toddlers and parents have all they need to get the job done. Kids develop their fine motor skills as they maneuver and operate the vehicles to carry out various construction-site tasks. There are toy boulders to scoop up into the truck. But watch out, the boulder can easily split open!

Age Group: 2+ years
Available at all major retailers, specialty toy stores and online at www.LEGO.com

Tickle Me Elmo, $44.99

More cuddly, more ticklish and will have kids laughing along like never before!  The more you tickle Elmo’s tummy, the harder he laughs and wiggles – he’ll even let you know how much fun he is having, with over 20 sounds like “Again, do it again!”, “Wow, that tickles” and “This is fun!” Tickle Me Elmo is as soft and cuddly as ever, and little ones will adore his phrases and laughter as they squeeze his tummy & press his hands and feet! RRP $44.99, available from BIG W.

Purrfect Counting Handbag, $34.95

The Purrfect Counting Handbag comes with loads of learning content, and five accessories: pretend smartphone, ID tag with mirror, key set, comb, and coin purse. www.leapfrog.com.au, www.bigw.com.au

Speak & Learn Puppy, $59.95

Speak & Learn Puppy comes to life with flapping ears, head that moves, and responses teaching speech, animal facts, sounds, food, feelings, letters, and numbers. www.leapfrog.com.au, www.target.com.au, www.myer.com.au

Pick Up & Count Vacuum, $49.95

The Pick Up & Count Vacuum encourages motor skills, with three play modes teaching colours, numbers and counting with six learning games.

www.leapfrog.com.au, www.bigw.com.au

Toot-Toot Cory Carson SmartPoint Vehicles, $12.95

You’ll love going on adventures with the gang in Bumperton Hills: Cory Carson, Freddie Fire Truck, Halle Copter, Frannie Fenderson, Kimmy O’Tool and Timmy O’Tool.

Toot-Toot Cory Carson Freddie’s Fire Station, $29.95

Go on a rescue mission with Freddie and Chrissy at Freddie’s Fire Station just like in Episode 4 of Toot-Toot Cory Carson Netflix original series. 

www.vtech.com.au, www.bigw.com.au; www.target.com.au; www.kmart.com.au

Fix & Learn Car Carrier, $49.95

The Fix & Learn Car Carrier is an interactive car carrier that recognises different accessories when they are added to the car through guided play.

 www.vtech.com.au, www.bigw.com.au

Tweens and teens

LEGO Friends Jungle Rescue Base, $159.99

Inspire wildlife adventure play with the Jungle Rescue Base. From scanning the forest with a drone to save stricken animals to helping in the clinic, kids will find lots of ways to play with this cool jungle tree house playset. LEGO® Friends is proud to support the work of National Geographic Explorers.

Age Group: 8+ years
Available at all major retailers, specialty toy stores and online at www.LEGO.com

LEGO City Ocean Exploration Ship, $179.99

Fun and adventure is on the horizon with the mighty LEGO® City Ocean Exploration Ship. This super-long ship not only floats on water, it has everything kids need for endless ocean exploration. There’s a shark cage, working crane, research submarine, helicopter and even a pirate shipwreck with hidden treasure! And with 8 explorer minifigures, including LEGO City TV character Harl Hubbs, the scene is set for actionpacked escapades.

Age Group: 7+ years
Available at all major retailers, specialty toy stores and online at www.LEGO.com

LEGO City Ice-Cream Truck, $29.99

Children can become everyday heroes with this fun LEGO® City Ice-Cream Truck playset. Kids get to save the day by serving cool ice-cream cones and popsicles to sweltering LEGO City citizens! And with room inside the truck for the ice-cream lady to work and drive, plus a skateboarding customer with a cute dog, there’s plenty of scope for independent role-play fun. A supercool building set for kids.

LEGO City Great Vehicles kids’ toys With LEGO City Great Vehicles playsets, kids get to explore their favorite land, air and sea vehicles and machines up close. These realistic construction toys inspire imaginative play that reflects real life in a fun and exciting way.

Age Group: 5+ years
Available at all major retailers, specialty toy stores and online at www.LEGO.com

LEGO DOTS Desk Organizer, $29.99

Made to be quickly and easily assembled, this LEGO DOTS Desk Organizer offers kids the chance to create and decorate their own desk organizer, then redesign the pattern over and over. Cleanup and sorting are a breeze thanks to the enclosed storage tray.

This pretty set features a multicolored desk organizer with 2 sections to hold pencils, paperclips or other office supplies, an opening drawer with a white handle to hold precious items and a photo holder, plus colorful tiles to stretch kids’ imaginations and self-expressive play skills while making the desk organizer uniquely theirs.

Age Group: 6+ years
Available at all major retailers, specialty toy stores and online at www.LEGO.com

LEGO ART, $199.99

If you’re a, Beatles fan or Andy Warhol or Marilyn Monroe fan, this is the set for you.

Recreate iconic art with this LEGO Art set.

Escape from everyday life with a relaxing activity and some focused me time.

Artistic mindfulness: You don’t need to be an artist or have a collection of LEGO models to enjoy the satisfaction of completing this wall art kit. Once done, you’ll have a piece to display with pride. This LEGO Art set is part of a collection of building kits focused on music, art, design and architecture.

The sets also make a great gift for anyone (including yourself) seeking a new project.

Age Group: 18+ years
Available at all major retailers, specialty toy stores and online at www.LEGO.com

Jubly-Umph lapel pin, $16.95

Why not order a colourful, gold-backed, hard enamel lapel pin that comes beautifully presented on a Jubly-Umph backing card. So many to choose from! $16.95 Order yours HERE today.

DIY Shine Nail Art Gift Pack, $16.95

Decorate your nails with Smiggle’s fun DIY nail gift set, including nail polish, press on nails, nail transfer, glitter and gems! Simply peel off and apply to your nails… your hands will dazzle. Oh, and they’re easily removable, just in case your mum wants to know!

Available at Smiggle.com.au

Shine Lip Balm DIY Kit, $16.95

This kit includes everything you need to create your very own Smiggle lip balm at home! Mix and layer three sparkling colours to make your own customised lip balm collection. Keep them for yourself or give your bestie that extra special gift from you made with love!

Available at Smiggle.com.au

DIY Shine Bath Fizzies, $16.95

Create your own bath fizzies with this DIY kit. Each kit makes two bath fizzies. Combine mixture 1 and mixture 2, add in colour and oils, then pop in the mould to create your fizzie. When it’s ready, you simply place your bath fizzy into a bath tub of warm water and watch it fizz – turning your bath into a colourful oasis. Each kit contains one heart-shaped mould, bath fizzies mixtures 1 and 2, vanilla and coconut oils, and bath fizzies colour.

Available at Smiggle.com.au

Apple iPhone 7, $259

In a first for Coles shoppers can grab a fully refurbished Apple iPhone 7 32GB, at a promotional price of $259.

The phone is unlocked, yet comes in premium Boost packaging and is bundled with a $10 Boost Mobile SIM to get you started. Find out more here.


The Ultimate Animal Alphabet Book – Jennifer Cossins, $30

A-Z book is jam-packed with over 400 animal species and all kinds of interesting animal facts.

Discover why the American flamingo is pink, how emerald tree boas hunt their food, what a baby echidna is called and whether the dusky leaf money really has four stomachs.

A companion book to Jennifer Cossins’ Ultimate Animal Counting Book, this one’s for budding zoologists aged 5+.

Grab your copy here.

In the Bush book and Jigsaw puzzle, $19.99

A fabulously entertaining book and jigsaw gift set from one of Australia’s favourite illustrators.

Wombat Flat’s the best! We camped out near the Cascades, stayed up all night to see the sunrise, nearly got snowed in at Mt Misery . . . and rode across the Razorback.

A delightful book and puzzle gift set of an Australian classic for the whole family to enjoy. The 400mm x 490mm jigsaw comprises 150 pieces. For ages 6-10. Allen and Unwin Books.

Brickman’s Family Challenge Book, $35

Lego building challenges for all ages and levels by the star judge of the smash hit TV show LEGO® Masters Australia.

Challenge each member of your household to a building competition that is the brainchild of Brickman himself, star judge of the smash hit TV show LEGO® Masters Australia and a LEGO® Certified Professional. Each of the 30 challenges can be attempted at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

So whether you’re 5 or 105, an infrequent brick builder or a huge LEGO® fan, this book will get you off your screen and get your creative juices flowing with even the most basic LEGO® collection.

Packed with pro tips and suggestions on how to take your builds to the next level, as well as a ‘know your bricks’ glossary, this book will turn you into a Master LEGO® Builder in no time. Are you up for the challenge? Allen and Unwin Books.

Games and Tech gadgets

Trapped, $20

A new award-winning escape room game that makes the perfect Christmas gift for family, friends, teens and kids.

The just launched world-first TRAPPED: Escape Room Game Packs, makes staying home a lot more fun, by transforming any room into an escape room experience.
The family-friendly games are designed to get everyone involved, working together to solve the mystery, and having loads of fun.

Choose from TRAPPED The Carnival and find out who will be crowned carnival king or queen, TRAPPED The Art Heist where it’s your mission to identify the painting then steal it, and TRAPPED The Bank Job where you have to open the bank vault and steal the contents.

TRAPPED is available from Big W, Toyworld and all good toy and games retailers. RRP $20 each. For more information, visit www.ugames.com.au

LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course, $89.99

Kids can team up with their favorite character in the real world with this LEGO Super Mario™ Adventures with Mario Starter Course (71360). The set features a LEGO Mario™ figure that gives instant expressive responses via the LCD screens and speaker.

Players earn virtual coins moving LEGO Mario from the Start Pipe to the Goal Pole via spinning and cloud platforms, the ? Block, and super battles with the Goomba and Bowser Jr. toy figures. Rearrange the bricks to create new levels to master.

Age Group: 6+ years
Available at all major retailers, specialty toy stores and online at www.LEGO.com

LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set, $49.99

Fans can add a Piranha Plant Power Slide challenge to their LEGO® Super Mario™ universe and train to be better at collecting coins with this fun Expansion Set.

This collectible toy playset features a platform on rails on a seesaw with Piranha Plants at either end, a Time Block to earn extra time on the course for LEGO® Mario™ (figure not included), plus Goomba and Koopa Troopa figures to defeat. A great gift for kids, this building toy combines with the Adventures with Mario Starter Course, which has the LEGO Mario figure and can be rearranged for fresh gameplay options.

Age Group: 7+ years
Available at all major retailers, specialty toy stores and online at www.LEGO.com

Magic Adventures Globe, $129.95    

The Magic Adventures Globe explores countries, capitals, new places, languages, cultures, animals, geography, habitats and more with audio responses and videos, plus interactive games.

www.leapfrog.com.au, www.bigw.com.au, www.myer.com.au

Kidizoom Studio, $99.95

Be the star of your own video universe with the Kidizoom Studio!  Create awesome videos with this high-definition video camera kit, that comes with everything you need to create the show of your dreams! Take still photos or create videos on the HD video camera with a built-in microphone and a flip-up lens for selfies. Set up the perfect shot with the included tabletop tripod to film your very own unboxing videos or convert it to a 5-inch selfie stick and flip up the camera lens to frame perfect selfies or on- the-move selfie-videos. Plus, play in between takes with the three included games!

www.vtech.com.au, www.myer.com.au; www.target.com.au

Myla’s Sparkling Friend, $29.95

Playtime is magical with Myla’s Sparkling Friends Mia the Unicorn, Ava the Fox, and Penny the Peacock! These beautiful creative toys talk, sing, and light up with a kaleidoscope of colours. Each Myla’s Sparkling Friends will react with over 100 fun, magical responses about their mood, feelings, and lucky colours, and comes with additional accessories so you can add some extra flair.

www.vtech.com.au, www.bigw.com.au

Secret Safe Treasure Chest, $49.95

Keep your valuables safe with the Secret Safe Treasure Chest, great for protecting your most precious stash with your very own 4-digit password to keep your secrets safe inside. Also includes a built-in alarm clock, learning activities, and a built-in speaker.

www.vtech.com.au, www.bigw.com.au

Hope the Rainbow Husky, $79.95

Meet Hope, she’s a beautiful Rainbow Husky and she’s hoping to be your best friend! Hope has a lot to say, but her barks will need translating through the magic stethoscope. Just hold it to her chest so you can understand what it is she wants or needs you to do! Hope talks, moves, and makes lots of different sounds to show you if she’s hungry, has a cold or fever, has hurt her leg, or feels itchy. Use her fun accessories — syringe, thermometer, bone treat and recovery collar — along with seven buttons and sensors to make sure she gets what she needs. Hope encourages nurturing play and introduces health tips and medical tools, so she’s great preparation for visits to the doctor.

www.vtech.com.au, www.bigw.com.au

WOW! Pods, $29.95

WOW! PODS – Collect •Connect •Display… then Swipe to Light!  With a nifty tech touch and super clever display mechanism, WOW! PODS are a totally new way to collect and display your favourite characters – from Marvel, DC, Wizarding World and Disney!

Each character lives in their hex-shaped pod with built in UV lights.  Simply swipe to bring your pods to life as your character pops and the light reveals hidden images…who doesn’t love a surprise?

  • Marvel’s Ironman, Groot, The Black Widow, the Hulk, Spiderman and Loki;
  • Wizarding World’s Harry, Hermione, Snape, and Dobby; plus,
  • DC’s Super Friends Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Joker.
  • Disney Princess (Rapunzel, Belle, Cinderella), Disney Classic (Stitch and Simba), Disney Frozen Ana and Elsa, and Disney Pixar (Toy Story Woody and Buzz Lightyear).


Water fun

Wahu releases new pool & outdoor toys ‘Pool Bopper’, ‘Beach Footy & Soccer’ & ‘Hot Rocker’.

Pool Bopper, $39

Introducing the new Wahu Pool Bopper! Don’t get bopped! Bop your mates as the pop up! If you get bopped you’re out. Measures 1.8m x 1.4m.

Suitable for 4 players ages 6+ $39.00 and available at wahu.com.au

Beach footy or soccer, $24.99

Whether you’re at the beach, park or in the back yard the Wahu Footy and Wahu Soccer have a waterproof neoprene skin for all conditions. The real laces and raised graphics add to the authentic feel and offers maximum grip. The air-filled bladder means you can inflate to your liking. Available in 4 Colours: Orange, Pink, Red and Green!

Suitable for ages 6+, $24.99 each and available now at Leading Retailers and Wahu.com.au

Hot Rocker, $69

This gnarly pool rocker will thrill all the pool jockey’s this summer. Hop up on the plush inflatable Hot Rocker with a buddy and grip the handles because it’s going to be one bucking, wild ride! It’s made of durable material so you can take it on the lake as well as in the pool.

Suitable for ages 6+, $69 and available now at Leading Retailers and Wahu.com.au

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