Not everyone likes sandwiches for lunch, so we have pulled together some delicious lunch box ideas without a slice of bread in sight!

Pasta, noodle or rice salad

Salads are a great easy lunch box idea. Just add your favourite pasta, noodles or rice with some ham, tuna, or chicken and salad and voila! Easy peasy.

Try one of these 5 delicious Summer salads or our Sticky rice recipe.

Or this delicious pasta dish – Creamy Wagon Wheels Pasta

Rice paper rolls or Sushi

Another favourite is rice paper rolls or sushi. Again just add some chicken with avocado or ham and cheese for a tasty lunch treat.

Try these Chicken and tomato rice paper rolls

Savoury snacks

Mini quiches, sausage rolls, ham and cheese scrolls, vegemite scrolls, mini pizzas, savoury muffins are all great alternatives to the dreaded sandwich.

Try these ideas:

Pikelets or pancakes

Oh my what a special treat these Lamington pikelets would make!

Or make a batch of these Chewy raspberry oat bars