Yes, you read that right. STOP tossing out your banana peel. You should eat it instead.

Nutritionist Susie Burrell says you should actually eat banana skins. Sharing on her blog, Susie revealed that the peel has multiple benefits including improving your sleep, skin and even help with weight loss.

“Specifically, you will increase your overall fibre content by at least 10 per cent as a lot of dietary fibre can be found in the skin of the banana,” Susie wrote.

“Rather, cooking the skin to soften it will help to break down some of the cell walls within the skin, helping to make the nutrients easy to absorb,” she said.

“Bananas with bright yellow skins have a higher proportion of antioxidants associated with anti-cancer effects, while green skins (less ripe bananas) are particularly rich in the amino acid tryptophan which is associated with good sleep quality,” she adds.

She suggests including it in smoothies, muffins, banana bread and curries.