Leading couples counsellor and relationship expert, Melissa Ferrari shares her tips for penning the perfect love letter to show you care this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Quiet Corner – choose a quiet space where you can be alone to let your feelings flow.  Take a deep breath then before you put pen to paper, think about your partner, what you love about them, why you are with them and what is uniquely special about them.  You may not be the next budding Shakespeare but if you write from the heart, then your feelings will flow.
  2. Keep Going – even if you make a mistake, it’s OK to cross it out or erase it and re-word it.  Try not to get hung up about making a mistake or choosing the right words or phrases the first time.  You can always go over and refine your work later. The most important thing is that you express your thoughts and feelings because you are sharing yourself in a genuine way.  You are uniquely you and that is why your partner loves you, so feel free to express yourself as you truly are.  Your partner will love you all the more for it – and also forgive any mistakes because that’s what love is all about!
  3. Be honest – don’t be afraid to open up your inner most feelings.  Share your feelings, embrace them and own them.  It’s OK to feel vulnerable.  Your loved one will appreciate your honesty and openness. 
  4. Story Time – if you run out of words, then take inspiration from the past – this is your unique story; how you met, those funny and touching moments you shared together, then comment about the present and express your hopes and wishes for the future.  
  5. Be You – don’t feel the need to purchase posh parchment or fancy notepaper.  A love letter can be written on anything!  Grab what you have to hand – better that than nothing at all!

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