Mum furious after eight-year-old son suffers severe sunburn at school on a 33 degree day, but his teacher says the children are responsible for their own sun safety.

The mum has sparked a huge debate online when she posted images of her son’s burnt scalp, insisting his teacher’s should have reminded him to wear sun protection.

She said she felt ‘annoyed’.

‘The day after it happened I mentioned it to a teacher and asked who was responsible for making sure hats and sunscreen are worn and was told it was up to the kids,’ she told Kidspot.

The mother said she’s aware her son should be practicing sun safety but should still be reminded by his teachers.

Parents were quick to comment on her Facebook post, with many agreeing it was up to the teacher to remind students to wear sun protection.

I think at this age teacher’s should remind students as they head outdoors to grab their hats.

Most schools have a “no hat, no play” policy. I know at our primary school you are forced to stay under cover if you don’t have a hat on.

Who do you think is at fault?