Each year Australia’s states and territories publish the top names given to babies in the previous year. McCrindle collates this data from the respective states and territories, analyses it, and uncovers the nation-wide trends. The data is in, and Australia’s top baby names are revealed.

Girls names

Charlotte, the name given to 1,609 Australian baby girls in 2019, has been a consistently popular baby name for Generation Alpha. Out of the last 10 years, Charlotte has been crowned the number one baby name for seven of
those years, and has been the #1 girls’ name each year since overtaking Olivia in 2015 (which uncoincidentally was the year that Princess Charlotte was born).

While Charlotte maintains her reign, the gap between the two most popular girls’ names is closing. In 2018 there were 219 more Charlottes than Olivias, however in 2019 there was only 34 more Charlottes than Olivias. While in a slightly different order, the Top 10 girls’ names have not changed in the past year.

Top 10 girls’ names

  1. Charlotte 1,609
  2. Olivia 1,575
  3. Amelia 1,494
  4. Isla 1,397
  5. Mia 1,386
  6. Ava 1,353
  7. Grace 1,132
  8. Willow 1,129
  9. Harper 1,095
  10. Chloe 1,038

Boys names

Oliver, the name given to 2,206 Australian baby boys in 2019, has also been consistently popular over the last decade, having enjoyed an uninterrupted seven years at the top spot since overtaking Jack as the #1 boys’ name in 2013. In 2019, Noah overtook William and Jack to become the second most popular boys’ name, while Charlie has entered the Top 10 at the expense of the name Liam, which dropped to 11th place.

Top 10 boys’ names

  1. Oliver 2,206
  2. Noah 1,825
  3. Jack 1,717
  4. William 1,688
  5. Leo 1,414
  6. Lucas 1,348
  7. Thomas 1,323
  8. Henry 1,319
  9. Charlie 1,197
  10. James 1,176

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