After a generation-defining year that prevented 1 in 2 from achieving what they set out to do, a new national report released by ING in Australia reveals Aussies are determined to enjoy themselves and just do their thing.

The report reveals it is the simple things Aussies get the most pleasure from, including: bushwalking (41%), swimming at the beach or surfing (39%), camping (30%) and taking a trip to the hardware store (28%).

The report, delves into what Aussies do that makes them uniquely them: from what career they desire to do most (scientist) to what stimulates them creatively (music). It also uncovers the slang terms we use with “yeah nah” topping the list and how many close friends we have on average (five).

The Sense of Us report even settles some of the nation’s most hotly debated topics including, top coffee order (cappuccino), the Aussie icon we treasure most (Steven Irwin), our most loved athlete (Cathy Freeman), and our favourite city to visit (Melbourne).

“These findings epitomise the year we’ve had where the everyday things we enjoy doing have been harder to do. As a nation we’re craving fun and turning to the simple things in life.

Melanie Evans, CEO of ING Australia, said

The pandemic has made many Australians want to be better prepared for the future. With many having to re-think or find new careers against the COVID backdrop, it’s perhaps not surprising to see scientist top the list as the job Australians desire to do most.

The things on the nation’s to-do list in 2021

While finances (38%), career (30%) and travel (26%) goals unsurprisingly top lists life time aspirations, Aussies also revealed some more individual and unique aspirations, relating to happiness and spirituality (20%), as well as community service and sustainability (7%).

And after difficult setbacks in 2020, 31% of Aussies turned to the optimistic plan of simply “having more fun” this year.