CHOICE reveal that just one trampoline in a group of 10 has passed all safety testing.

The Springfree R79 scored 90% when tested to the voluntary Australian safety standard, while eight models had serious safety failures.

“Our trampoline safety tests look at how children can use the product in real life as well as how the trampoline performs if you follow all safety instructions.”

says CHOICE testing expert, Chris Barnes.

“We look at what can happen if children bounce against the enclosure net or land hard on the padding.”

“Based on our safety testing, CHOICE has found that the Springfree R79 is the best model we’ve tested because of its strong, durable frame and enclosure, and the way in which the trampoline protects the user from any impacts against the frame, mat or enclosure,” says Barnes.

“There are no significant entrapment hazards and the instructions are clear and easy to follow.”

Another model, the Jumpflex Flex100, passed the main structural safety tests, but CHOICE testers noted some minor safety issues.

Serious safety concerns in eight trampolines tested

“The remaining eight trampolines that we tested all had serious safety failures, which included serious entrapment hazards, padding or enclosures that didn’t stand up to durability testing and structural failures.”

says CHOICE testing expert, Chris Barnes.

Safe trampoline use:

  • Supervise children when they’re using the trampoline, particularly if they’re under six years old.
  • Only allow one person on the trampoline at a time.
  • Don’t deliberately bounce against the net.
  • Avoid landing hard on the padding.
  • Tell children to stick to bouncing in the middle of the trampoline.

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