Take the kids to The Royal Botanic Garden these holidays for lots of fun and activities.

Chocolate Jungle in a Jar

Book now 12 – 13 April

Come and join some Autumn Garden Fun in The Royal Botanic Garden! These school holidays we’ll be making a Chocolate Jungle in a Jar!

Together explore mysterious rainforests, learn all about chocolate plants and build a magical mini chocolate jungle for you to take home!

Adults can help their child make a Chocolate Jungle or choose to also make one themselves!

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Tinkerbell & the dream fairies

Book now 7 – 18 April

Discover a fairytastic musical adventure this school holiday’s at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

In an enchanting world of song and dance, the adventurous Tinkerbell meets up with the fairies from A Midsummer Night’s Dream flying into the Botanic Garden for the April School Holidays. Together, the cheeky Mustardseed, fluttery Moth, daring Cobweb and sweet Peaseblossom go on a magical quest with Tinkerbell.

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