CHOICE experts have carried out a lab test to sort the dishwashing winners from the sinners.

They even found some woeful ones that scored the same as good old water.

“We tested 38 popular products using identically pre-soiled plates, stained with different foods, including rice starch, bolognese and egg yolk,” explains CHOICE dishwashing expert, Ashley Iredale.

“We also wash with plain water to compare cleaning performance.”


In equal first place, Morning Fresh Ultra Concentrate Ultimate and Aldi Tandil Ultra Power Soak n’ Clean Concentrate conquered the kitchen sink with a CHOICE Expert Rating of 90%.


However four products scored just 45% – the same result as using plain water!

“With results this poor, you’re really just washing money down the drain,” says Ashley. “And some of these products aren’t cheap either – Uniquely Natural costs 96c per 100ml, and Fairy Platinum a whopping $1.12.”

Four other products scored 60% – just enough to be recommended by the experts.

  • Morning Fresh Ultra Concentrate Botanicals 
  • Morning Fresh Ultra Concentrate Original
  • Woolworths Shine Sensations
  • Simply Clean Australian Lemon Myrtle. 

Find the full results HERE