How to reduce your energy bill. With home renovations at an all-time high, Australians are throwing around some serious cash to update their pads amidst the pandemic and on-going restrictions.

With the average budget exceeding $60,000, renovations such as installing pools, upgrading patios with outdoor kitchens and investing in ducted air conditioning have never been more of a priority for Australians.

However, these additions can come with a large on-going cost, with the sky-high electricity bills that follow likely to be an unwelcome burn to the weekly budgets.

Energy saving tips

With just under half (43%) of Aussies dissatisfied with the value for money of their electricity supply, these savvy energy saving tricks can make a world of difference for Aussie households struggling under the weight of their bills and teach you how to reduce your energy bill.

  1. Upgrade and switch-off! your appliances. Your appliances could be responsible for up to a third (30%) of your energy bill. Combat this by upgrading old, inefficient appliances to new products with good energy ratings and by switching appliances off at the wall when you’re not using them. Appliances in ‘standby’ mode like microwaves and televisions can account for up to 10% of your electricity usage .
  2. Keep it cool. With hot water being responsible for around 25% of the average household energy bill, making small swaps to cold water where possible will wash away a big chunk of the bill. An easy example of this is cold washing machine cycles, and pre-rinsing dishes with cool water.
  3. How lit is too lit? It can be very easy to flick one too many lights on around the home of an evening, and even easier to forget to turn them off. When it comes to saving energy, be considerate of how many lights are on, and make sure to turn all of them when no one is home. Lamps are a great energy saving alternative to ceiling lights for times when the room doesn’t need to be well lit.
  4. Go solar. Installing solar will help slash electricity bills right from your own roof. However, be careful to avoid cheap, inefficient solar panels that won’t pay themselves off. Using a reliable third-party platform like bidmysolar™ will save you time and money by providing you with a range of top-quality systems, designed to suit your needs and connecting you with over 250 of the best solar companies in Australia.
  5. Check out your options. With 22 electricity and gas network providers in Australia, it can’t hurt to jump online and check that you’re getting the best deal. There are some helpful comparison sites available, most of which have handy links ready to help you make the switch to a cheaper energy provider.

With electricity bills only set to rise again, bidmysolar™ encourages Aussies to switch to solar to slash their energy bills so they can enjoy their homes, without the worry

  • Appliances are responsible for up to a third of energy consumption, and up to a tenth when in ‘standby’ mode.
  • Hot water accounts for up to a quarter of Aussies unexpectedly high electricity bills
  • Almost half of Aussies are dissatisfied with the value for money on their electricity bills bidmysolar™ encourages Aussies to switch to solar to slash their energy consumption