There’s a rite of passage that all parents have to go through and that’s hosting a kids birthday party.

Some might handle it with ease, while others get just a bit (read a LOT) frazzled.

The recipe for a perfect party

A simple tip is to invite the same numer of kids as the age that your child is turning.

ALWAYS have balloons

Helium balloons especially are always entertaining. The kids spend ages chasing them around and having fun with them.

Outsource where you can

Depending on your budget it is always a great idea to outsource what you can to save some stress and your sanity,

Whether it be the cake, decorating or just the invites. Every little bit helps. Even outsourcing to gran or friends is a huge help!

Don’t expect a kids birthday party to run smooth

The most important thing to remember is that you are dealing with kids after all, don’t expect everything to go to perfection! Just relax and stay calm if you hit any speed bumps.

Write lists

You are bound to forget something, so have those lists handy and tick off as you go.


Don’t forget to breathe and have some fun yourself.

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