Have you heard of the Swab Dogs on Instagram? This is one social media account you seriously need to check out ASAP!

A Melbourne COVID worker created a social media account to share images of the dogs that brighten their days at one Melbourne Covid testing site.

Tiffany White works as a pathology collector and traffic controller at the city’s drive-through testing sites.

She created Swab Dogs on Instagram as a way to brighter up her day. It has 13.2 thousand followers from around the world who have said the account is ‘adorable’ and ‘gorgeous.’

She said workers always got “very excited” to see dogs – like in people’s cars during the first lockdowns last year.

‘I started the account because we were meeting heaps of dogs in the drive through testing centres who were too cute not to share,’ she said.

‘Seeing everyone’s dogs cheered up all the staff on site so much.’

“Dogs instantly make everybody feel better.”

‘At the end of the day all we want to do is spread some joy, and there is nothing more joyful than a slobbery dog sticking their head out a window,’ she said.

‘For people in lockdown or isolation that’s so important. It’s been a very tough year and smiling dogs are such a joy, it’s just nice and wholesome.’

So many cute little doggies, even cats make an appearance at times!

Check out some of the Swab Dogs on Instagram cuteness

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