GoPro has partnered with Australia’s first KonMari Consultant Gemma Quinn to help Australians get the most out of their digital life, as part of the recent re-launch of their software component, an app named Quik.

Quik makes content sharing and storing easier than ever, making sure users don’t lose any of their memories even if they are ‘hoarders’ of curated content, so partnering with Gemma was a marriage made in heaven.

New research undertaken by GoPro dives deeper into the trend, examining people’s opinions on the culture of sharing photos and videos on social media.

Don’t lose your cherished memories

The survey of 4,000 people across eight countries looked at ‘memory mishaps’, with the average person losing 11 cherished memories per year – with the leading way being to accidentally delete them (48%).

Other top-rating responses included being forced to delete other photos/videos due to running out of storage (46%), running out of space on phone/camera during an important event (35%) and losing important photos/videos by failing to save from a text or email (29%).

Nearly 50% said that they have so many photos and videos on their devices that if they don’t favourite a ‘keeper’ right away, it’s basically gone forever, while 62% of respondents reported that they sometimes or often feel overwhelmed by trying to select the best photos or videos to share out of a collection they’ve captured.

Documenting events is also a significant time investment with the average survey taker spending 19 minutes combing through content after an event to find the best shots.

“Having worked in the industry for years, I’ve seen heaps of advice about tidying your home, however, there’s been little in the market when we take that digital, even though our lives are becoming more digital by the day. What I love about Quik is that it helps you strike a balance between being present, but also being able to document and share the moments that are so important for easy access and reflection.

At the end of the day, what’s really important is the ability to relive our favourite cherished memories with those that mean the most,” Gemma Quinn, KonMari Consultant said.


  1. Accidentally deleted a photo/video (48%)
  2. Been forced to delete other photos/videos due to running out of storage (46%)
  3. Run out of space on phone/camera during an important event (35%)
  4. Lost important photos/videos by failing to save from a text/email (29%)
  5. Misplaced a digital photo/video within your device’s storage (17%)

Organising photos and video

GoPro Quik | Tips from Master KonMari® Consultant, Gemma Quin

Gemma is all about letting go of those photos/videos that don’t bring you joy and making it easier to find those that do – and saving you space and money in the process!

  • Organise your photos and videos around curated memories. Try to keep between 5 and 10 images of a particular event; anything more can be overwhelming.
  • To make the most out of your photos and videos, collate and create short videos of them. Professional looking videos can easily and automatically be created by using clever apps like GoPro Quik.
  • Incorporate your favourite photos into your everyday life. This could be a private feed of your favourite shots or a digital photo frame.
  • Share your memories and joy with those you love. Once you have your memories edited and saved, it’s easy to share them.

Always ask, does this photo or video spark joy?

In order to stay organised, you’ll need to find time to view and edit your photos. I use an app like GoPro Quik to easily organise my photos.

Here are some examples of when to review your photos:
● Holiday photos – I love editing and remembering my holiday memories at the airport or on the plane on my way home from my holiday.
● Everyday photos – Your daily commute is a great time to edit your photos.
● Photos of your children – Editing photos of your children while you wait to pick them up from school or from after school activities.