The Australian Museum (AM) is providing relief to parents across the country with a free digital program of fun educational activities to keep curious kids inspired and engaged at home these school holidays.

Join the AM team and some special guests as they share easy, step-by-step video learning resources and activities. Using simple materials found around the house, kids are invited to explore a range of subjects – from climate change and sustainability to animals and scientific illustration. 

Activities in the digital school holidays program include:

How to draw a Stegosaurus: Join Palaeo-artist Celia Curtis to learn how to draw a realistic Stegosaurus, an armoured  dinosaur from the Late Jurassic.

How to identify a spider from its web: Join Helen Smith, Arachnologist from the Australian Museum Research Institute, as she teaches how to identify a spider from its web.

How to make a Jurassic terrarium: Recreate the land of dinosaurs – in a jar! Join Joel Cohen, Field Botanist from the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, for a fun lesson on how to build your own miniature ecosystem.

How to build a wind turbine: Wind power is an incredible source of clean energy. Community-owned wind farms deliver sustainable energy to communities across Australia, reducing their electricity bills in the process. Using recycled materials at home, kids will learn how to build their very own working wind turbine and discover the science behind this innovative technology.

How to make a pop top volcano: Use a recycled pop top bottle to replicate a Stratovolcano eruption at home.

How to build an insect hotel: Create and decorate an insect hotel with recycled materials found around the house. Then, use the AM’s Bugwise guideto learn all about your new insect friends.

How to test the pH of water: Use this at-home experiment to discover how carbon dioxide from increased fossil fuel pollution causes acidity levels in our oceans to rise. Create an easy pH indicator using a colourful vegetable – purple cabbage! – and put this to the test.

How to fold an origami jumping frog: The perfect rainy-day activity – fold an origami jumping frog! All that’s needed is a few squares of paper and the AM’s easy step-by-step guide.

And many more

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