For many years Brighter Needs’ business partners, Ange Cutler and Mel Lamb, two amazing women from Wagga Wagga in country New South Wales, watched children of family and friends deal with incontinence including the ongoing mental anguish of knowing there was no empowering alternative for children other than white clinical adult plastic diapers.

Seeing a real need for fun, practical, comfortable underwear options to remove the stigma, shame and embarrassment associated with incontinence, Brighter Needs’ business partners Ange Cutler and Mel Lamb spent years developing the range in consultation with family and friends as well as with children and their families affected by incontinence.

Colourfully created with a patented design for discreetness and a laboratory tested moderate to heavy absorbency rating, Brighter Needs’ Butts™ Undies with Attitude is giving back confidence to kids with incontinence.

Butts™ Undies with Attitude is the only incontinence range for kids in Australia with a patent design that features hidden side snaps for comfort. Butts™ Undies with Attitude aid sensory overload and have been specifically designed to be pulled up like regular underwear or by using the hidden side snaps for ease of changing.

Suitable also for bedwetting, Butts™ Undies with Attitude feature dual bamboo moisture absorbent fixed inserts. The double ended inserts are specially and patently designed to maximise absorbency and performance.

Each pair incorporates a dual elastic pocket for easy access as well as comfort and feature soft cased elastic on the legs for added comfort and fit.

Designed to last for up to 4 hours, Butts™ Undies with Attitude have been created in colourful soft waterproof outer print options for kids aged 2-10 years with bladder and/or bowel incontinence including children with stomas/ostomies.

Butts™ Undies with Attitude are made from quality fabrics which are easy to use, wash and conceal odours. The range is made from skin friendly materials certified free of harmful substances including stay dry microfleece.

Butts™ Undies with Attitude are reusable and reduce landfill contributing to a sustainable future.

Sizes start at 1 to fit a waist measurement of 56 cm with a 272ml absorbency, through to a size 10 to cater for a waist measurement of 77 cm and laboratory tested to hold 669ml.

All print and sizes are $64.95 each and available via

  • More than 6 million Australians – men, women and children – are affected by incontinence (any accidental or involuntary loss of urine from the bladder, or bowel motion or wind from the bowel)
  • 17 to 20% of children experience urinary incontinence during the day, and a further 6.6% of children will also have problems at night.
  • 1-3% of some of these children can experience soiling in addition to wetting

For more support and information about incontinence visit the National Continence Helpline (NCHL). The NCHL is a resource and support parents with children experiencing incontinence can access. It’s free and staffed by Nurse Continence Specialists who can answer individual concerns.

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