Our skin is our largest organ and anything absorbed through it goes directly into our bloodstream. This includes personal-care products which often contain thousands of different chemicals with varying toxicity including parabens, to formaldehyde to petroleum waxes. The Environmental Working Group estimates that about 20 percent of chemicals used in cosmetics could cause cancer.

With so many products on the market sometimes it can be overwhelming to find something that is just right for you. Some people look for certain ingredients while others look for the most aesthetic packaging, however while a product may look pretty the properties of the ingredients may not be as good for your skin as it looks.

Organic beauty is a great option that help consumers understand exactly what they are buying. Commonly, organic skincare on the shelves are certified therefore the consumer can have a peace of mind while shopping, knowing the products are truly good for their skin.

Here are 5 reasons to choose organic skincare according to Senior Dermal Skin therapist Christie Cameron from SSKIN Clinic and expert for RosehipPLUS.

5 Reasons to choose organic skincare

Organic Skin Care Is Free Of Harsh Chemicals 

You can be sure that Organic products are formulated with all natural ingredients, if a product is certified organic, you can be confident in knowing it’s 100% free of toxic ingredients. 

Organic products are packed with beneficial nutrients 

Most organic products contain vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E,  and antioxidants (plus more depending on the ingredients used in the product), which all help to feed the skin nutrients so it can function at optimal health.

Organic products can still treat many skin concerns 

Just because it’s organic doesn’t make it any less effective at treating skin concerns, in fact, organic products are usually jam packed full of nutrient dense ingredients to help kick many skin concerns to the curb. 

Organic products help to preserve the environment

Organic products use ingredients that are naturally grown so what this means is, in this process they are grown free from toxic pesticides and fertilisers. This causes less harm on the planet, particularly the soil, water, and air.

Organic products are less prone to causing allergic reactions.

Organic skincare products are less likely to cause allergic reactions, inflammation, or irritation. This is because they remove the harsh chemicals from their formulations that can be sensitising to some people’s skin.


RosehipPLUS is an Australian Certified Organic and natural beauty brand that’s cruelty-free and vegan. 

The range has products to thoroughly cleanse, moisturise and hydrate your skin. Start by cleaning your face with the Daily Cream Cleanser,  add moisture with the Hydrating Day Cream , before bed apply the Nourishing Night Cream and add Rosehip Oil any time of the day or to treat scars, stretch-marks and sun damaged skin, just to name a few.

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