We have put together some of our favourite salads to serve on a beautiful Summers day when it’s too hot to be bothered slaving over a stove top.

Watermelon salad

If this salad doesn’t simply scream “Summer” then I don’t know what does! Presenting The Leaf Store’s Watermelon and radish salad with goats cheese.

Get the recipe HERE.

Soba noodle salad with peanut sesame dressing

So versatile and delicious. We love this served with a Salmon or chicken breast.

Get the recipe HERE.

Prawn salad with quinoa and minted yoghurt

Get this delicious recipe from Sam Wood, 7 minutes to better health book HERE.

Warm taco rice salad

With summer finally here, this mouth-watering warm taco rice salad is a good cooking hack for an easy dinner.

Get the recipe HERE.

Sam Wood’s warm pearl couscous salad

Get the recipe for Sam Wood’s couscous salad HERE.

Lemon pesto pasta salad

Lemon pesto pasta salad

Grab the recipe for this delicious Lemon pesto pasta salad right here.