Hop into Adelaide Zoo for loads of family fun this school holidays and beyond.

Become a mini zoo keeper!

Are you a kid who loves animals? Always wondered if you have what it takes to be a zoo keeper?

Spend the morning learning all about animal care and assisting the knowledgeable Variety Children’s Zoo keepers.

Feed, interact with and get up close to some incredible children’s zoo animals like goats, guinea pigs, rabbits and quokkas. Find out more HERE.

Larger than life

December 11 – January 30

Can you guess how fast sea lions can swim, or how many kilometres away you can hear a lion’s roar?

Discover amazing facts about the larger than life animals home to Adelaide Zoo. Draw, colour and get crafty this summer with special school holiday activities for the little ones.

Wildshow Animal Experience
10:45am daily at the Variety Children’s Zoo Nature Theatre

Experience training up close and explore new ways to create a positive environment for your own animals at home.

Flying Colours Free Flight
11:30am daily on Central Lawns

Swoop in to learn about Adelaide Zoo’s amazing birds and watch as our feathered stars fly over your head.

Further details and bookings here