The importance of protein for the whole family.

You don’t need to be a bodybuilder to experience the health benefits of a protein-rich diet. Literally the building blocks of life, protein plays a critical role in building and restoring muscle tissue, as well as supporting sustainable energy and maintaining a healthy metabolism. For growing children, adequate protein intake is even more critical as it facilitates physical and mental development.

Think of high-quality whole-food proteins and supplements as the premium fuel that powers almost every molecule in your body—it gives us that spring in our step and provides what we need to run on all cylinders. The recommended daily protein intake ranges from 1 to 3 serves for children and adults, increasing to 3.5 serves during pregnancy (see Dietary Guidelines for a comprehensive overview of protein requirements).

Making protein the foundation of the family meal plan

Go back to basics and centre family meal plans and snacks around high-quality proteins (meats, fish, seeds, nuts, legumes, eggs, dairy, broths and non-starchy veg). It will not only simplify the arduous task of meal planning and keep the whole family healthy but may also curb those late-night raids of cooking chocolate in the pantry! Whether you are a gym-goer or not, a high-performing athlete or a busy mum, aiming to include a high-quality protein in every meal (including snacks) will stand you and your family in good stead when it comes to stabilising energy and looking after your health.

Breakfasts that pack a punch of protein

For a good reason, breakfast is called ‘the most important meal of the day.’ It is important for adults and kids alike to start the day off on the right foot to avoid mid-morning crashes that have you hankering for a carb fix. A nourishing high-protein breakfast will help adults and children maintain energy and boost focus throughout the day. Studies have also shown that having a high-protein breakfast helps prevent obesity and cardiovascular disease risk factors in adolescence. While making delicious high-protein breakfasts does mean thinking outside the cereal box, it needn’t be much extra work with a bit of pre-planning. Here are some of our go-to favourites:

Start with eggs: It’s hard to beat good old-fashioned eggs done your way, whether hard, soft, poached, fried or scrambled. Eggs provide us with a perfectly complete package of protein and healthy fats, boasting all the essential amino acids (EAA). Make sure you eat the yolks as well—not only do they provide an excellent exercise fuel, but they supply growing bodies with the building blocks for cell development and optimum brain health and function. Who doesn’t love a classic breakfast of boiled eggs and soldiers?

Overnight ‘proats’: Fancy a nourishing, no-cook breakfast waiting for you in the morning? Good old-fashioned oats are naturally high in plant proteins but turn into a superfood when mixed with a handful of chia seeds and a quality protein supplement. Adding protein to your oats, or ‘proats’ as we call them, adds extra flavour and sweetener while keeping those stomach grumbles at bay for longer. Prep your oats the night before by soaking them in dairy or unsweetened nut milk and topping them with a choice of Greek yogurt, nut butter and berries (fresh or frozen).

Protein-rich snack ideas for the whole family

Many kids are natural grazers or just love to snack; the important thing is to swing the balance in favour of nutrient-dense proteins and quality fats instead of the empty calories of highly processed foods. We are big believers in keeping things simple when it comes to snacks; low-effort yet satisfying snacks help make healthy choices easy even in the busiest of households. Fill up hungry bellies with pre-prepared egg muffins topped with pumpkin seeds, tuna dip on seeded crackers, trail mixes, and kid-friendly protein smoothies.

Delicious protein-packed treats

Indulge your family’s sweet tooth with treats that your bodies will thank you for. Experiment with whizzing up frozen fruit with a scoop of protein powder and a dash of almond milk and maple syrup (if desired for extra sweetness) to make a ‘nice cream’ as a healthy alternative. You could also try sneaking in some added goodness with kid-friendly flavoured protein powders into more-ish bliss balls or pancakes topped with seasonal fruits and yogurt.

The place of supplements in a healthy family diet

Supplements can be a lifesaver for those times when you or your family need an extra ‘kick’ of protein. No matter what the reason, when it comes to nourishing little bodies, it’s essential to select an easily digestible supplement with raw ingredients, minus any artificial additives, sweeteners, grit or enzymes.

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