Your first period can be exciting, daunting and sometimes even messy! From bathroom emergencies to stained bottoms, just know that we’ve all been through it! To help, these are our top tips for navigating your period: 

Find out what products work for you

Yes, period products can be intimidating. But understanding what products work best for you is important to feeling comfortable on period days. It’ll take a bit of investigating and experimenting to figure out what you’re happy with – there are so many options!

  • Pads are great if you new to having a period! Mostly because they’re easy to use and not invasive. The adhesive underside sticks to your underwear, and you can simply carry on with your day. Just make sure to change them every 6 hours!
  • Period underwear look and feel like regular underwear but absorb period blood effectively throughout the day. They’re a great choice for when you first get your period, and you don’t have to think about changing or adjusting every few hours. You’ll just need to invest in a few pairs to get you through if you like to wear these every day of your period.
  • Tampons and menstrual cups while a little more invasive, are more convenient than pads, especially if you’re playing sports or swimming. Just remember to change your tampon every 6 hours or empty your cup throughout the day. Cups can be kept in for up to 12 hours!   

Be sure you’re making conscious choices when deciding on period products. The amount of waste you generate per period can have a huge environmental impact. We encourage you to reduce your personal impact and opt for some reusable products!

Have an emergency kit!

Getting caught out at school or at a friend’s place can be the worst, especially if you’re not prepared for your period to come! Keeping a stash of your favourite period products in your school locker or purse is an excellent idea. We’ve all been there, so believe us when we tell you that an emergency supply will always come in handy. In case of a period emergency, having a spare change of bottoms and undies in your locker at school can’t hurt.

Have a period buddy

Get yourself a period buddy! This is someone who can discreetly handle the behind the scenes when you need it – a tampon supply run when you’re low, or some pain relief for when those cramps kick in. Chose a friend, parent, or coach that you trust and are comfortable chatting too. Opening the conversation and being honest about your experience will help manage period days better.

Educate yourself

No, your period is not a one and done thing – WE WISH!  Busting those myths and pre-conceived notions is the best way to feel prepared. So, learn and track how long your cycle is, what an irregular period looks like and what normal cramping feels like.  Arming yourself with this knowledge and what to expect can normalize this experience and make managing these days easier.

For more information jump on to the Hey Girls website and find out more about what works for you.