When it comes to setting up a nursery, most new parents start with the foundation pieces of the room – the cot, bassinet and a change table or chest of drawers. But once you’ve ticked off the basics, then what?

Here are some stylish and timeless ways to decorate a nursery around two of the most popular furniture finishes – white and timber.

How to style white nursery furniture

White furniture creates a bright and crisp look in your baby’s nursery and gives you scope to have fun with colour and pattern. To ensure they stand the test of time, seek out pieces with clean, simple lines in durable materials that will cope with whatever life (and a growing toddler) throws at them. Furniture crafted from sustainably sourced, FSC-certified pine with a non-toxic finish is better for your baby’s health and the environment.

Create contrast

Colour on your walls will make white nursery furniture pop, so now’s the time to grab the paint brush or splash out on a gorgeous, patterned wallpaper. When selecting wall colour, bear in mind that your main objective is creating a sleep sanctuary for your baby, so steer clear of bright or jarring hues. That still leaves plenty of options; tap into the current trend for cocooning, brown-based tones with cosy terracotta, brick or soothing sage on walls, or for something bold yet serene, try teal.

The nursery is the perfect spot to have a bit of a fun with colour and pattern; why not create a modern dado look by painting two thirds of the wall in colour and leaving the top third plain, or create a feature wall with a look-at-me wallpaper behind the cot and keep the other walls neutral.

Add texture

A neutral scheme based around white furniture calls for plenty of texture – it’s the perfect way to add warmth and interest to your nursery. Up the cosiness factor with textured blankets, a woven wall hanging or a tactile boucle armchair topped with super-soft cushions.

Don’t forget storage

It often surprises new parents just how much stuff babies have! If you want to keep the nursery organised and clutter-free, well-planned storage is essential. A generous and well-made chest of drawers with clean, minimalist lines, such as Tasman Eco’s Alana 3-Drawer Chest, is a great starting point and will see your little one all the way through from babyhood to the school years.

Boost it with one or two large, woven baskets to keep toys and bulky items. If you’re in need of more storage but don’t know where to squeeze it in, look for any under-utilised spots in the room; think hooks behind the bedroom door or lidded storage boxes that tuck under the cot.

Personalise with art

Colourful artworks offset white furniture beautifully and will bring personality and interest to your baby’s nursery. If you’ve given your nursery a theme, such as jungle animals or hot- air balloons, add fun framed posters or prints to the walls that bring it to life. Or liven up walls with photo art, Scandi-inspired abstracts or a decorative wall decal.

How to style timber nursery furniture

Timber furniture creates a warm, earthy feel in a nursery and, if you’ve also used it in your main living areas, will link the spaces stylistically. It’s versatile too; timber works a treat with myriad nursery styles, from boho and eclectic to modern classic.

For a cohesive look, select pieces such as a cot and a chest of drawers from the same range. Little ones grow fast, so it’s wise to think long-term with adaptable pieces that will last several years, such as a cot that converts to a toddler bed (try Tasman Eco’s Elyse and Zaria cots), or a chest of drawers with a removable changer top, such as Tasman Eco’s Julian 3-Drawer Chest, that will see your child from babyhood through their school years.

Embrace the natural feel

Muted, earth-drawn tones such as a soft olive, mustard and blush complement timber furniture beautifully, and will set a warm and inviting tone in your baby’s nursery. Choose a hero colour for walls and then two or three accent colours for bedlinen, rugs and art.

Play up the natural vibe set by timber furniture with a soft, sisal rug underfoot, woven rattan accessories and tactile linen curtains.

Add luxe touches

One or two touches of the unexpected can bring depth and dynamism to a space, and a nursery is no different. Consider adding a statement chandelier or lamp (safely positioned where your baby can’t reach it) in a luxe finish such as a bronze or brushed gold or a mobile that doubles as a work of
art above your baby’s cot.

Include a spot for you

A comfortable and supportive armchair that’s easy to get in and out of is a godsend when you’re feeding or settling your little one to sleep. A quality armchair is a sizable investment so consider one in a neutral tone, such as cream, that teams effortlessly with timber nursery furniture now and will also work in your main living spaces down the track.

Or go bold and use your armchair as an opportunity to bring in a funky pattern or a contrasting colour, such as sky blue or burnt orange, to the nursery. You’ll be spending a lot of time there, so you may as well love it!

About Tasman Eco:

Tasman Eco’s nursery furniture and accessories help new parents create a loving haven for their growing family. Their contemporary design is the perfect complement to modern interior styles, and sustainable materials help preserve the environment for future generations.