CPR kids’s have shared a warning to parents and pet lovers about the dangers of walking on sand barefoot.

Did you realise sand can reach temperatures of up to 50.2°C!?⁠

This was the surface temperature of the sand, measured at midday on a 29°C day, shared CPRkids.

Over 50°C on the ground, and the weather isn’t even over 30°C. Imagine what this reading might be on a 40°C day?⁠

“We don’t know about you but just looking at this made our feet ache, remembering running across the burning sand as a kid.⁠”

It is important that you always make sure you pack shoes for the beach to avoid burns on the souls of your feet… and be mindful of your pets too!

How to treat burns and scalds?

As soon as possible, put the burnt area under cool running water for at least 20 minutes:

Don’t use ice (only apply water to the burnt area).

Assess the burn and seek medical help if required.

Most small burns will heal themselves in 10 to 12 days. If the burn does not have any blisters or broken skin, such as sunburn, a simple moisturiser such as sorbolene is the best treatment. For all other burns seek medical treatment for appropriate dressings.

The treatment for serious burns includes:

  • pain relief medicine
  • dressings
  • possible admission to hospital
  • perhaps surgery
  • If things get worse see your doctor.