Whether you have ‘just a splash’, prefer yours swimming in milk or even go completely dry – everyone’s morning cereal bowl looks a little bit different. And a new study from Kellogg’s® Australia has shed light on some of the weird and wonderful ways Aussies like to eat theirs…

The research shows that 87% of Aussies still prepare their morning bowl in a ‘traditional’ way by adding the cereal first, followed by the milk. However, there seems to be a rise of non-traditional ways that we now like to make our cereal. 

Controversially, almost 10% – equating to 2.5 million Aussies – like to pour the milk into the bowl first and then add the cereal after. While 4% – equating to over one million Aussies – say they can only eat their cereal once the milk has been heated up.

Aussies love soggy cereal

Traditionally, the most typical way to eat a bowl of cereal would be straight away – but according to the new study it turns out that many of us love ‘soggy cereal’. A whopping third of Aussies (35%) say they like the milk to soften things up before they dig into their morning bowl.

The type of milk we like to pair with our cereal is rapidly changing too, over 13% of Aussies – 3.3 million – are now ditching dairy and giving their cereal bowl a plant-based makeover, opting for a splash of almond or soy milk to their cereal each morning.

Swimming in milk

The research also looks at how much milk we’re adding to our morning bowls. It turns out over 2 million Aussies (8%), prefer to have their cereal swimming in milk; opting for a whopping 2 cups of milk or more. Some Aussies even like to get creative outside of the world of milk, with over 1.5 million (6%) opting to add yoghurt to their bowl. 

Even more unusual, 2% of Aussies, equating to over 500,000 of us eat cereal dry with no milk or no liquid at all. 

Snack time

When it comes to the times we like to eat, there’s no surprises that 78% of us eat cereal first thing in the morning. However, 22% of Aussies now opt to have their cereal at other times of day – including lunch, as a mid-afternoon snack or even for dinner. 

While there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to make and eat your bowl of cereal, Kellogg’s® has revealed the equation for the ‘perfect’ bowl of cereal: 

30-50 grams of cereal of choice (ideally a high fibre option) + 125ml to 250ml of milk (half a cup to one cup) – pour in the cereal first, then the milk, to avoid any splashback. Add a serve of chopped fruit for an extra nutritional boost.

A Kellogg’s®  cereal expert said “Cereal and milk is an iconic breakfast staple and heading into the start of a new year, it can be a great way to get our routines – and diets – back on track after the holiday season. Opting for a high fibre cereal such as Kellogg’s® All-Bran® or Sultana Bran® is also a good way to start your day right.

“While there’s no right or wrong way to prepare and eat your cereal, we thought we’d share our ‘perfect equation’ to help keep people on track when they’re preparing their bowls in the morning this January.”

To learn more about the Kellogg’s® fibre range, visit the Kellogg’s® website at: https://www.kelloggs.com.au/en_AU/home.html