As a 40+ mum myself I am getting so confused and frustrated with all the current makeup trends on the market, so we decided to ask around and share some straightforward beauty tips to help mums feel less overwhelmed.

Do we need all the illuminators, bronzers, concealers, and blushes and can someone tell me where did good old basic foundation and powder go?

Makeup tips

Beauty tips for 40+ mums

Breaking down the makeup trends


The team from Aisuru co agrees with Mamamag that it can be overwhelming knowing what beauty trends to follow and recommended it is best to use your favourite foundation/concealer and for extra glow, you can mix in an illuminator.

You can also use an illuminator as a stand-alone product if you just want that all-over glow on a freshly washed faced.

Below is a great little infographic from Sophie Cachia founder of Aisuru to help you apply your makeup.

Nutrimetics also recommend you Choose a foundation that is suitable for your skin type and tone.
Apply the foundation with your fingertips or a blending brush. Use Custom Colour Drops to adjust your foundation throughout the year.

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Eyebrow trends

The biggest eyebrow trends for 2023 include the fluffy brow, brow lamination and a natural brow.

Fluffy brow

For the fluffy brow that seems to be a popular trend at the moment, you could try Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz.

This ultra-slim, retractable eyebrow pencil ideal for outlining and detailing brows with absolute precision to create the appearance of a fuller brow. The ultra-fine tip mimics hair like strokes in sparse areas of the eyebrow, while the spoolie end blends for a natural-looking finish.

Followed by the Anastasia Beverly Hills | Brow Freeze, a customizable brow styling wax lifts, tames and sculpts every hair in place for the feathered-looking brow you’ve always wanted. The universal, easy-to-apply formula is mess-free and provides long-lasting, extreme-hold – leaving you with full-bodied brows that last all day.


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For that perfect brow we can suggest Anastasia Beverly Hills | Brow Genius Brow Serum 

This serum blends 6 rejuvenating ingredients into a smart formula that creates smoother, softer, tamer, fuller-looking brow. Perfect for those struggling with their brows this is designed to nourish brows, increase manageability and deliver the ultimate brow makeover.

Anastasia Beverly Hills | Dipbrow Gel is a highly pigmented eyebrow gel with a long-lasting to help achieve fuller-looking, more defined brows. The eyebrow gel offers full coverage to build a brow fullness before drying down to a seamless matte finish perfect for busy mum’s.

Smokey eyes are a big hit

Smokey eyes seem to be in at the moment. A smoky eye is perfect for beginners — it requires no more than two shades of eyeshadow, and the messier it is, the cooler it looks.

To start, prime your lids and set them with powder. Next, pick up a matte gray or black eyeshadow and pack it on to your lid using a flat eyeshadow brush. Blend the eyeshadow into your crease using a clean blending brush, or a small amount of the lid shade mixed with a light, neutral brown. Keep blending until the color is sufficiently smoky.

For those Soft Smokey Glam eye, we suggest Anastasia Beverly Hills | Soft Glam Palette 

This palette is the perfect everyday to-night eyeshadow palette with 14 shades, including essential mattes and glamorous shimmers. This will help you achieve the smokey eyes of your dreams.

Alex Fevola from Runway Room Cosmetics shares a great tutorial below to achieve the perfect eye for 40+ mums.


How to lift droopy eyes for over 40s using Runway Room Cosmetics #over40makeup #runwayroom #fy #beautytips #beautyhacks

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Rosy cheeks

For those perfect Rosy Cheeks apply some Anastasia Beverly Hills | Stick Blush.
This is an ultra-lightweight cream blush that melts into the skin and creates radiant, natural-looking colour with a seamless finish. This buildable and blendable formula means that you can easily go from a sheer wash of rosy cheeks to a more intense, vivid pop.

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Quick makeover

For a quick makeover try, Anastasia Beverly Hills | Magic Touch Concealer.

This corrects, brightens, blurs and conceals while blending to a luminous second-skin finish. The lightweight formula melts into skin and delivers buildable medium to full coverage perfect for mum’s who want coverage quickly. 

Or try The MCoBeauty FLAWLESS GLOW LUMINOUS SKIN FILTER is a 4-in-1, multi-tasking, skin booster designed to give your skin the ultimate glowing filter-like finish!

Hair tips

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Length Retention

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Length Retention range with Biotin, fully strengthens hair with powerhouse natural protectants that work to reduce brittleness, breakage and split ends. Helps hair achieve its optimal length.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Hair Bundle (

Mum styles

The mum bun will never go out of style. Trust us!

Haircare Group Creative Director, Peter Beckett, recently told Mamamag,

“Let’s face it, Mums often never have enough time in the day, and sometimes hair can feel like the last thing on an endless to-do list! Offering a quick and easy refresh to your hair and giving yourself some self-love in the form of a one-step beauty product can provide a boost of confidence throughout the day!  

“One of my all-time favourite hair hacks for time-poor Mums who find themselves between hairdressing appointments is the Color Wow Root Cover Up. This ingenious product can be purchased according to your hair colour and brush over any pesky greys or natural colour regrowth that has started peeking through! 

“If having 20 minutes between the kids’ bedtime and date night sounds all too familiar, lots of Mums I chat to in the salon are looking for a way to quickly refresh their hair after throwing it up in the classic Mum-bun style all day.

For an instant revival of end-of-the-day hair, the Color Wow One Minute Transformation Styling Cream can be applied to any frizzy or unruly areas and simply brushed through – instantly erasing any kinks in your hair left by pesky hair grips or hair ties.” 

Boost your hair with Hair shots!

HairShots™ are the first of a kind. A range of concentrated Actives that you add to your own hair products to perfectly meet all your hair and scalp needs.

HairShots™ are not about replacing your favourite hair products, rather it’s about adding a Shot of Pure Actives to them to add all the benefits your hair (and heart) desire.

With a Shot of Thinning Peptides you can transform your everyday shampoo to also target thinning and shedding; or add a Shot of Keratin Bond Repair to strengthen fragile strands. And who doesn’t want some Insta Lustre to give your locks that gorgeous glossy glow-up? HairShots (

For a Slick Pony/Bun 

For that perfect slick bun or pony tail Fudge Shaper is a medium-hold texturising cream with a semi-matte finish. Easily mould your hair and style it into a perfectly slick pony or bun as you head out the door. 

Some other great hair care products to consider:

The evo Water Killer Dry Shampoo is a Two in one dry shampoo and styling product for the days you just don’t have the time to wash and style.

The evo Day of Grace Pre-styling Primer – If you’ve got plans after work but no time to style, this one is an easy put and go to save you time later.

On a time crunch in the shower and can’t spare the time to let your conditioner do its thing before rinsing? the evo Happy Campers Wearable Treatment is for you, Wear it all day!

Encourage lash growth

Hormones causing havoc with your long lashes? Recently removed your eyelash extensions and are wanting to bring your natural lashes back to life? Perhaps your lashes are feeling dry and brittle from wearing and removing heavy eye makeup? Or you simply feel like you need a little more confidence when applying your makeup to your natural eyelashes?

LASHgro Eyelash Growth Serum has over 10 years of research and is packed with powerful plant peptides and amino acids.

The natural ingredients are designed to enrich hair follicles to repair and strengthen eyelashes while preventing lash loss. The vitamins and minerals support the eyelash’s natural renewal cycle, keeping them healthy and promoting longer, thicker lashes from root to tip in just a matter of weeks!

LASHGRO Eyelash Growth Serum Australia – LASHgro Australia

Acne treatment

You’d think that by now you’ve kissed acne well and truly goodbye, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. The fluctuations and dips in hormones can lead to acne blemishes, particularly around the jawline.

To help treat any excess scarring caused by blemishes, you could always consider a course of RF Microneedling from Morpheus 8, says Grace English: Transformational Therapist at the award-winning Cosmetic Avenue clinic.

It’s a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that uses radiofrequency and tiny needles that penetrate the skin, emitting heat to stimulate collagen production to remodel, repair and rejuvenate the skin of your face. This helps treat acne scars, along with fine lines and wrinkles, while also improving skin tone and firmness.

Another option is acne skin care like Dermal Therapy.

Dermal Therapy

Dermal Therapy Acne Control Kit is your simple regimen of care that will help you finally achieve healthy, soft and acne-free skin.

Acne Spot Cream is a miracle cream, designed to spot-treat breakouts with a next gen formula. The full range is available at Chemist Warehouse

Clear skincare

Clear skincare is another great range for acne control. Smooth Skin is an AHA cream with 8% glycolic acid, helps visibly reduce the appearance of acne and breakouts, fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.

Other acne products include:

SKIN PROUD Velvet Cloud Cleanser infused with brightening magnolia extract and antioxidant-rich peony extract, Velvet Cloud Cleanser gently dissolves everyday impurities and traces of makeup with the sulfate-free, light-as-cloud foam. Enriched with moisturising vitamin B3 and naturally derived amino acids, this nourishing foam keeps skin balanced and bright without stripping skin of essential moisture.

SKIN PROUD Sorbet Skin Moisturiser bursting with a powerful 4-part hyaluronic acid complex for results on all levels, this sorbet-like gel delivers goodness on an XXL scale. Ultra-hydrating and lightweight, use this oil-free gel to lock in moisture for dewy, healthy and glowing skin.

Evereden: Nourishing Baby Face Cream a deeply hydrating, yet fast-absorbing cream is loaded with superfood oils that nourish and soothe dry, sensitive skin with 72-hour hydration- for babies and sensitive adults alike. With continuous use, the skin’s barrier is strengthened and appears softer and smoother.

Foot care

Don’t forget to look after your feet too! The experts at Scholl bring you a mask designed specifically to remove dry and hard skin.

Scholl ExpertCare Exfoliating Heel Peel™ – Scholl Australia


Matilda Life’s fragrances

Matilda Life’s fragrances and the native botanicals used to create them are a tribute to Australian life. They are made locally in Collingwood, Victoria, by renowned perfumers Yen Huynh and Janelle Donnelly (Metascent).  

Matilda Life’s Flourishing Wattle Eau de Parfum has notes of acacia (wattle), neroli, freesia, oakmoss, wood and vanilla. It’s a floral unisex fragrance. 

They recommend you buy a fresh and versatile fragrance that will carry you from work to the weekends. It’s even better if it’s made ethically here in Australia (which the Matilda Life fragrance range is). 

Some of the fab makeup and beauty brands on the market at the moment that we recommend include:




Aisuru Co

Ultra Violette

Go-To Skincare

Kester Black


Shop Mecca

Runway room cosmetics


Nude by Nature

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